Smooth is in, isnt it?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Efargee20, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Am I alone in here where the bald eagle is concerned? The hairy version does nothing for me and does infact make me feel a tad ill. Am I alone or is it the modern way? My question to the assembled Arrsers is which way forward? Bald or Forest? Judging by the amount of Camel Toe around and personal experience Id say bald is in.


    topic done to death so moved to the hoop...try "search" before starting a thread :wink:
  2. Or cast your vote for the style of your choice on this thread.

    Pubic Topiary?
  3. Its got to have hair for me, who wants to shag something like Alf Garnets head ?
  4. I must admit that I too prefer a well kept, or non-existent, thatch.

    I personally find that an unkempt thatch that looks like an Amazonian Rain forest, is a right turn off, and quite often smells something similar. Especially after a night on the lash. Not to mention the compulsory, but usually unwanted, flossing by organic dental floss.
  5. Bald and a thong, wat more de ya need? I personally don't even want to think back to days when the granny pant VPL was seen as sexy. Yikes, suddenly felt ill there due to a flashback. Do you think you could suffer from a form of PTSD due to Black Forest Thatches and Granny Pants?

    Effy (Offish Green at moment)
  6. Oh, but it is.

    What is a turnoff is a visible thong line on an arrse which does not deserve to be wearing one.
  7. Word of the day for you Stoaty:

    Whale-Tail. (Referring to the part of the thong visible above the top of a pair of low rise jeans.)

  8. crabtastic wrote:

    An alternative is crackhanger. It sits in the crack and looks like an inverted coathanger...
  9. I certainly think Whale-tail is more appropriate for the "laydee" to the right, but I do like your thinking.
  10. Does the defence need to produce any further evidence m'lud or can he rest? The lady on the left is a classy example of modern fashion. You should get an ASBO issued for granny pant line (GPL).

  11. Re Crab's pic, what's the point in wearing a thong if you're that big?! Its not as if it will cover the snatch will it!?
  12. Thats no thong. It started out as a pair of Rick Wallers Y-fronts
  13. I have no real preference other than well kept, however, my wife prefers bald and who am I to argue ?.......does that make her a paedo ?