Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Z3R0, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Would love to hear ARRSE's opinion on smoking. :D

    Who does it, and who doesn't?

    Do you think it damages your health rather then fitness?

    Anyone here who wants to quit but can't? Post here!

    I'm in a funny situation at the minute; I'm in the process of turning myself into an athlete and consider my stamina a top priority.

    But after a hard day of working out, I love to sit back with a few smokes. It's somehow relaxing, even though it's such a dirty habit.

    Am I alone on this one? :mrgreen:
  2. Personally I gave up when i raised my fitness mainly because it made me feel sick smoking after running. But why would you want to smoke if you're getting fitter? If anything getting fitter is the best way to stop smoking because you're releasing natural opiates in greater amounts than when you smoke. Think about it, do you ever want to smoke while you're having sex or while you're eating? Your brain releases pleasurable chemicals when you do something to further your survival, ie. shagging or eating. Addictive chemicals trick your brain into thinking you need them to survive, hence the high you get from them. So the best way to quit is to substitute the drug with something else your brain 'rewards' you for when you take it. For example, shagging, eating or exercising :)
  3. Yes I do, yes it does, quitting is for losers.
  4. It depends on priorities I guess. Using your example, what athletic standard do you want to achieve? National standard/club standard/not interested in competing? Your choice will determine whether a few fags at the end of the day are a big deal or not, although of course the effect of fags varies from person to person. Weaker types really should not try it.
  5. I smoke at the end of an evening only, and I really doubt that it's ever effected my performance.

    I compete in alot of sports, and although I like to lose, it doesn't happen often.
  6. If you like to lose but it doesn't happen often, try harder! :D
  7. I quit smoking 3 months before the ban come into force, I had no problem giving up after 10 years of 20 a day and i feel great

    Had my medical 2 weeks ago where i had to do a Peak Expiratory Flow and got 780l min-1 which i was told was very good for someone thats 28 and 5' 11"

    People who say they cant quit aint trying hard enough!
  8. Smokers trying to give up are costing the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds!

    A little willpower, some moral support and plenty of distractions should be the solution, not to have patches and gum 'on tap'.

    Here in Ireland, smokers that successfully gave up were rewarded with a holiday, needless to say that didn't last very long.

    I think the government has to claim some responsibility in this but on the whole I believe cigarette sales are on the decline, add this to the NHS scheme and higher purchasing age and pretty sooon smokers will be a dying breed. (literally if they keep smoking)
  9. Patches and gum are for weak minds, and I'd say the majority of smokers in the army are not weak.

    It does seem the government are desperate to improve overall health standards though, so I do see where you're coming from.
  10. A packet of fags costs what, £5.50 in Blighty?

    The same packet costs about £2.50 in Germany.

    That means I save of £3 a day, or £90 a month. Or nearly £1,000 a year.

    Personally I can't afford not to smoke. Now if only I could man up and get up to the 60 a day mark I'd be saving a fortune.
  11. Cretin. :roll:
  12. Smoking is horrible and smelly, it will also kill you eventually.
    Yes I smoke!!!!!!
    I've smoked since before I drank tea. I like it but it really does make you blow your lungs out of your arse when doing anything physical.
    Fly to Spain a couple of times a year and top up where a packet of JPS is about £1.20 instead of the £5 you pay here and the jobs a good un.
  13. You may be surprised to learn that many smokers die of things other than 'smoking related illnesses'.

    I could be wrong, but as I understand it nobody has filled out a death certificate with cause of death 'smoking'.

    Non smokers also die eventually....
  14. You are so right. Better to use the drugs that are now available. Shame that the soldier is automatically downgraded as soon as he starts popping the tablets! Or were you playing on the pun that the drugs affect the mind state of quite a few people that are prescribed them.
  15. They know which gene variants mean you'll keep going, and also which variant means you'll get lung cancer. Smoking increases red blood cells (other things being equal, a good thing), damages your lungs and heart, and does loads of other stuff. The big mistake that people make is thinking that because their fitness is okay it ain't doing them a lot of harm. It takes years for the lung damage to be big enough to outweigh the extra red cells. I've never smoked - great uncle died of smoking-related lung cancer, from coughing blood to dead in six months, and with good pain relief it wasn't that bad a way to go. It's the COPD that shits me up - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - fighting for air for twenty years. F'kin hell.

    The people that f**k me off are the social smokers - dipshits who take the smoke into their mouths and then blow it about to be part of the smoking gang. I've a certain amount of sympathy for the addicted, but absorption is through the lungs; who would pay good money to take little puffs and then spit the smoke out?