Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Is_the_link_in?, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Its that time of the year again folks! Stop smoking day (wednesday 14th March) is upon us, and im not sure about you, but ive been off them for 30 days now and its kicking the crap out of me!
    Apart from the money, the health benefits from stopping and the ban coming in, i quit to save the girlfriend from my habit.

    But has anybody got any tips...i keep cracking and having the odd tab now and then, regardless of the patches im wearing. Anybody got any suggestions or tips?
  2. Sorry, can't help. I've got other things planned for 14 March. Us committed smokers will be too busy celebrating Steak & BJ day.

    Still, have fun.
  3. Sorry but no smoking day is when I try and get at least 40 down my throat even though I'm an ex-smoker - it's a matter of choice!

    Try the Tesco's free quit packs helped no end - apart from the no smoking days! Good luck mate!

  4. Its not a drama about getting the stuff to quit, the med cen is quit happy to keep dishing out the patches to me! Just need something to take my mind off things when the patches decide they dont want to work...
  5. if you have just 'stopped' then your liable to fail, I've always thought the best to quit something is to 'reduce' your intake, so for example, calculate how many you usually smoke in a day, then 'gradually' cut out the amount of fags you puff, give yourself a good 6 months quitting time to reduce your smoking, each month, give yourself a little reward (NOT a fag either LOL) for doing well, eventually your body will start to cope with that reduced amount.

    but you also need WILLPOWER, you WEAK HUMAN! LOL

    give it ago!

  6. I gave up in December and found the medication, Zyban, absolutely fantastic. I'll admit that I've broken and had 3 cigs since 3 Dec but the cravings are severely lessened even now that I'm off the pills!
  7. CarpeDiem, well done mate!

    I'm gearing up to quit at the moment. I'm trying to cut down untill Easter weekend then that's me off for a weekend away with the mrs, her breif is to distract me for 3 days as apparently that's the worst!

    Is the link in good luck, let us know how you get on...
  8. Hate the patches as they are constantly putting nicotine into the system instead of mirroring the 'peaks and troughs' of smoking. The inhaler thingy is better IMHO. However don't do what I do and lose it and crack under the influence of port..... starting stopping again on Monday!
  9. i tried quitting twice on the gum failed within a fortnight both times. I found cold turkey was best for myself, though it may not suit everyone, i quit on the 3rd of Jan and haven't smoked since.

    I suppose the fact i wasn't waking up choking and coughing made commited to keeping away from cigerettes, i still have cravings at times, but i know somone who quit 17 years ago and still gets cravings, its just somthing us ex-smokers have to bare with i guess.

    Its worse when im out at a pub or club, or at work because these are the times i used to smoke the most, somthing i think most smokers and ex-smokers feel.
  10. CarpeDiem well done
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Crack on mate - it is really only a matter of will power and really wanting to give up. I went from 60 a day to nothing overnight when my dear intended informed me that she could'nt live with someone who smoked. Married her and spent the money on her. And I gave up to save money???????????

    Everytime I fancy a puff now I add up the cost of 60 fags - it's worked for 22 years so far. Hummmmm 22 years, thats how long I stayed with the mob.
  12. If they can stop smoking could you start to smoke?

    Preferably after being engulfed in flames.

    You cunt.
  13. I used to smoke,

    It's obviously easier to quit if you really want to. I did it easy without patches or anything. Just STOP all together and every now and again have the odd one, then just make the gaps in between the odd ones larger. From what I've heard your addiction doesn't truely kick in until two days without and is starting to totally fade after six weeks. So go a few days without, then make it a couple of weeks, then make it a month, then six weeks. By them you'll be able to go a life time without.

    Worked for me and I didn't need patches or anything.
  14. Forget patches , I tried & failed twice with them. The third time I used the gum it worked. Have,nt smoked for over 3 years now.