Discussion in 'RAC' started by Forks, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. This might sound silly, but well, it's not.

    I'm joining up in October, and well, I have a question.

    Can you smoke in tanks?

    You see, I don't smoke, and I hate it, and I'm just wondering am I ever going to be stuck in a tank with someone smoking and I can't do shìt about it?

    That's all. No wah or whatever.
  2. Official answer is certainly not, it is against about a million regulations. Unofficially yes, but it really depends on the attitude of the crew commander - if he doesn't smoke, then they will be restricted to taking smoke breaks off the tank as and when they can. And of course for tactical reasons smokers often cannot smoke at night.
    For those reading this who do smoke - GIVE UP THE FILTHY WEED! It is expensive, shortens your breath, makes your breath pong etc etc Its not big and its not clever!
  3. Well, a lot of things arent allowed in tanks, like asbach in the breech, but yes people do smoke, how you will handle being closed down with the all the smells, i dont know.
  4. What a F*cking question. That will be the least of your worries when your on exercise and some NCO is ripping you a new A*sehole for asking stupid F*cking questions. If you don't like the person smoking confront them and if they smack you and tell you to wind your neck in...Do it!
  5. No one smokes in my tank, that's what the outside is for.
  6. Devils_Kin is probably a nig with less than three years under his belt who now thinks he's an old sweat...asking questions is the only way you will ever learn, 'cos twwwwaaaattts like him won't bother to teach you!
  7. Sorry dad. By the sounds of your reply you are one of these 6 year sweats who has seen the world. How can you pressume so much from so little information???
  8. 6 years, tschhh youngsters :) in my day we had to smoke through the exhaust and carry Hesh rounds in our coveralls
  9. Now thats an old boy...I won't argue. But I must admit I have done alot more time than some people may presume. I may not know alot about tanks but what I have learn't during my time as a Footslogger is that smoking and HE generally don't mix. It was a bit of a stupid question wasn't it?

    Forks won't last long in the NAAFI. Its like a smoke screen in there with all the old boys sucking on their Woodbines through their exhausts.
  10. Talking of smells in tanks.I took my lad ,11 year old ,to Bovi tank museum laast year and went on a gantry above a Cheiftan(ex 4/7DG).I swear i could smell the unmistakable odor of silver paint,grease,oil,bag charges,Paderborner,Herforder,Bocholt etc.etc.etc.... :D :D

    As for smoking matey,your crew might not like you doing your nails either so get over it quickly :wink:
  11. What no smell of 50pfg Hackerbeck beer? Singleys end of month drink when they have to raid their oversized vodka bottle piggy bank.
  12. ahhhhh silver paint, now that does take me back. Going back to smoking, im afraid forks, yes people do smoke, however they will be your crew, the ones you will live with daily, eat drink fight and f*ck with, lads who probably will have been together years before you joined, and if one of them smokes, tough. like it or lump it.
  13. To be fair your hardly gonna be closed down long enough for that to be an issue anyway, unless your on ops and in that case your too busy to light up anyway. A fag on the back decks is always gonna happen and so it should!
  14. Hackerbeck beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fooookin peasant!!!!!

    Bocholt was bad enough,pure scheme kit that stuff.

    No it was Paderborner for me,a chap of my standing,a man about town such as myself wouldn't touch Hackerbeck "sheep pi**" beer................................Animal thats what you are,Animal (lol)
  15. Forks, a word of advice - when asking Qs in the RAC forum take note of who answers them, and if they are not RAC, you might question why they think they have the right to spark up with stoopid comments...definitely a grunt (badly paid cannon fodder) and almost cetainly a STAB to boot...