Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gunny Highway, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. Can anyone comment on whether it's possible to separate the harmful stuff that ciggies contain (nicotine, etc)? Wouldn't that be a start in improving the health of the 1000's of UK smokers and the world as a whole? I know the Government couldn't possibly ban ciggies out-right, what with the tax they make, plus the loss of jobs in the tobacco industry, but surely by now scientists can come up with a fag that's not harmful to the lungs, etc and to the people breathing in second hand smoke. With the money the Government saves in relation to the amount of money spent on health care for persons suffering from the damaging effects of smoking, that would surely surpass the amount they make in smoking taxes, hence a total ban in years to come ? Comments?,,30000-12942702,00.html
  2. Les francaises 'faire la pipe'.
    I believe that doesn't give you cancer, clog your lungs up etc.
    But it does give you a jolly good time!
  3. I assume they mean that it will now be illegal to pop outside for a fag now.
  4. we're keeping up with the Jones (ie America), it's a right laugh out there. Go clubbing and have to keep stepping outside for a bine.
    Live the Dream!
  5. Okay, if you are a smoker then you're going to complain. However, for a non-smoker, a night out in California is absolute bliss. If you're eating a meal there's nobody on the next table ruining your evening. At the bar you're not constantly getting a face full of smoke blown 'considerately' away from the person the smoker is speaking to. The next morning your not wheezing and your throat doesn't hurt, absolutley marvelous!

    It's only the americans and the crap beer that ruins it all! :)
  6. They tried this in the mid to late 70s - It was called NSM - New Smoking Material, went down like a lead balloon.

    This week the New Zealand parliament passed into law the Smoke-Free Environments (Enhanced Protection) Amendment Bill. This is a ban on smoking in Casinos, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs (such as the RSA - equivalent of the RBL) and School grounds - so if you smoke as a teacher you have to get off school property to light up). All offices are already smoke free.

    So if you are a smoker coming to NZ enjoy that smoke in Heathrow because it could be 24 hours before you can have another tab, and getting into Auckland you might get a smoke free rental car to take you to your smoke free hotel room where you can't even nip down to the bar for a fix - enjoy
  7. And while we are at it, lets have total prohibition.. Drink causes people to behave badly, they can cause damage to others, either directly or in directly, they cost the NHS a lot of money treating injuries caused through drink.
    nobody likes to be in a pub or nightclub where the drunks are having a good time but annoying others etc, etc,etc.
    lastly just like smokers by giving up the use of alcohol we can then increase everyones tax to suitably higher rate. :D
  8. Sorry I’m afraid it does, although lung cancer isn't the main problem & the risk is slightly lower.

    Oesophageal, nasal & tongue cancer are the killers here.
  9. and cervical and testicular cancer are?
    anyone can make numbers count to how they want them to..
    more people die directly through drink related deaths a year than smoking. How can I prove that? depends on what survey you read. doesn't it..
    As has been proven time after time, statistics can prove whatever you want them to prove..
  10. Hmmmmm. Anyone else go to dodgy French websites and with me here?
  11. ex-dvr1,
    you sound like a smoker who is trying to make excuses for your own habit. You know it's bad for you, I know it's bad for you, everyone knows it's bad for you. It even tells you in big black letters on a white label on the packet what is does to you. And that should be that.

    Trying to compare other cancers to the ones you are likely to get from smoking or and saying that drinking is worse than smoking is missing a couple of very serious points.

    1. If you drink in moderation there is very little danger, medicaly or from drink related accidents. Even if you smoke a couple of cigs a day you are still at a very high risk compared to not smoking at all.

    2. If you have a drink the non-drinker stood next to you is not at risk or inconvinienced at all (unless you spil it). Stand there and smoke you are effecting anyone near by. That includes your kids when you smoke at home.

    Now for all I care you can go and smoke all you want. It's your right. But why are so many smokers so selfish in the way they just don't consider the rights of everyone else? Including the right not to smoke.
  12. PP unlucky assumption..i don't smoke!

    and what about the smokers right to smoke, are we not infringing on their civil right?
  13. You've gone up in my estimation, not that that should mean much :)

    I'm all for civil rights, as I said in my post, but why should one person's right to do damage to themself infringe on mine not to?