Smoking, whos given up giving up?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sfub, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. No, I've given up

  2. Yes, it's what all the cool kids are doing

  3. Yes, I smoke, drink and flush the loo when the train's stood at the station

  1. As I sat last night, red wine in hand and lighting up with my other I wondered who else has given up giving up the fags and booze? I've never been a heavy smoker, and I only smoke the occasional cigar or my pipe, so it's not an addiction, more of a hobby. I also know before any health Nazis tell me that smoking is bad for me, so calm down before you start the outrage hybrid vehicle.
  2. I don't like to use the phrase 'giving up' since it hints that you're depriving yourself of something, when you're actually gaining.

    I stopped drinking two or three weeks ago and it was a piece of p1ss. I suppose the time was right and I don't miss it at all. Considering the regular amounts I drank in the past that, for me, is quite something.

    The smoking is next and I'm confident I'll do it without any of that nicotine replacement nonsense.

    Edited to add: it is a good idea to take vitamin B1 supplements when stopping drinking.
  3. Giving up as a phrase makes me think that the person is a quitter.
  4. Exactly. The late Allen Carr wrote about this in his excellent book Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

    Last time I stopped the fags I did so with the use of his book and I lasted 13 months no problems. That is, until I went to Asia on a trip and was invited to a party by a dozen or so lovelies. Within 10 minutes I was drunk and smoking like chimney. It was a good night, though, but with regrettable consequences.

  5. Photos, man, photos!
  6. You weren't tricked into smuggle 4kg of Heroine into China, to help form your pop career, were you?
  7. I'm 4 weeks into a course of Champix(think antibuse for smokers) i can thoroiughly reccomend it as a way of weaning yourself off the coffin nails.
  8. The memories are enough for me, though I do have few photos somewhere. I'll try and find them out but maybe I'll have to 'black nasty' them, as they were mainly American girls (and we know how litigious they can be). The thing was, they were mainly all related to each other (mainly cousins -- not that the experience involved all of them, mind). I was a still an innocent and shy boy before that night.
  9. As a matter of fact, yes. But the Chinese authorities actually believed I was insane and took pity on me. Quite right, too. I had a number one in the Laos hit parade in 1997 and was famous for a week.

    My GP recently offered me that. I tried the smoking cessation pill that came out a few years ago and it made me badly ill. I've read that Champix can cause mood disorders so I've decided to refrain. I'll just go 'turkey'. But if it's working for you then good on yer.
  10. I started smoking aged 24 at University, I gave up using Zyban when working abroad, personal trauma got me smoking again. Last January I gave up smoking again using Zyban for three weeks. I am within 5 days of celebrating a year smoke free.
  11. Zyban was the drug I tried. I can't put into words how they affected me. It just shows that everybody reacts differently to different substances. I'm also suspicious of big pharma (though great treatments have and do come about) since it could be argued that, at times, profits come before clinical testing and safety. Furthermore, the state regulatory system could be better, as with all bureaucracies and quangos. Well done, by the way.
  12. Went cold turkey last February after smoking for almost 40 years, probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life but I'm glad I did it. The doris still smokes and yes it is like kissing an ashtray :wink: Now if I could just get rid of the extra 5kg of blubber I've put on since. :oops:
  13. Within 4 days of starting taking Zyban my jaw was chattering, I couldn't stop talking and I was in danger of losing my job. It was like being utterly spaced out. When I went back to my GP (after immediately stopping taking it) he said, "Yes, it's not unlike taking LSD, isn't it?" Which, tbh, worried me greatly.

    I'll stop soon.............
  14. People might not care, but if you smoke you could be increasing your chances of a heart attack by up to 50%! I recently had some experience in cardiac rehab (ie people AFTER they had a heart attack) and the vast majority were smokers. Since the heart attack most hadn't touched a fag as it gave them the fright of their life (no pun intended). Funny how most people (including myself) wont stop bad habbits until they come to a head - for me smoking really isnt worth it and fair play to the people who have stopped, the longer you stay off it your chances of a heart attack go down and will eventually be the same as a non smoker.
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I'm trying to reduce the booze intake [currently managing that about one day in 4].

    Still on 20 a day - one thing at a time.
    The last time I gave up [1967] I managed for 52 days ... and then the GF told me she was pregnant and I was straight back on 20 a day.
    Never dared try it again.
    Now I know what causes babies. :wink: