Smoking to be banned in public places

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About bloody time too! Now the rest of the country should wake up to no smoking in public places and bring it in to the military as well. I hate walking into most offices as there is always one who insisits on smoking in his/her office. They seem to forget that smoke does not stay still.

Dinner nights. I hate them, sitting there with smokers, making me smell the same as them. Ban it in the mess. You want to smoke? Go outside. Raining? Tough poo!

Ban smoking rant!!

Bring it on!

Oh, and by the way, I used to smoke.
personally, i can live with smokers in public places. as long as the place is divided into clear 'smoking' and 'no smoking' areas. i don't really hold with all that 'second-hand smoke stuff' myself.
gizzardtoo said:
Ban smoking rant!!

Bring it on!

Oh, and by the way, I used to smoke.
And I gave up for ten years, back to twenty a day! So think carefully before you get on that 'hobby horse.' Always seems the anti-smoking nazi's are temporary converts 8O

Agreed in the workplace btw, not 'socially' imho.
Should be banned in any public place that is enclosed. I really hate going out for a meal, only to have smoke waft over my dinner and my two children. Even restaurants that have designated areas it does not help.

Went into a US bar once, it had a 'special smokers room' that was air tight and had huge extractor in it that sucked the hair out of your head.
All i can say is that if this goes through, then the £400+million spent on the scottish parliment will be well worth it!!!

The NHS in scotland alone spends £200million anually on disease caused by smoking. The parliment will pay for itself in 2 yrs at this rate!!!

Now im not one for a nanny state, but this is one peice of legislation that the twats on the hill have got right. I dont want to deny others the right to smoke themselves to death but i will NOT allow others to fill my environment with poisonus carcinogens! For all you who say i have a choice not to visit a smoky pub or club, what world are you living in??? ALLLLL pubs and clubs have their resident smokers, making it impossible to enjoy a pint without inhaling someone elses fumes! On top of that, why should I go elsewhere?? I am not the one causing an iritation by being selfish poluting your environment!!

I hate going into pubs with smokers as it stings your eyes, drys your throat and ruins the taste of my pint and crisps!! Not only that but when i get up in the morning my clothes reek of cheap fag smoke (L&B in my locality!). It really gets on my tits cos i have to wash my shirt and trousers (and coat!) when i get home or else the house stinks of them.

Not only this but i dont want to die just to appease some smokers civil rights to poison themselves into an early grave!! If they want to smoke then go and do it outside in the fresh air where i am not!!!

agent smith (from a nice non smokey place, awaiting the wrath of the tobaco addicts) :lol:

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