smoking kills

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Machristo, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. just saw a new advert on telly (sky one during the stargate adverts) and while it was fleeting, it said something like "kills XX,000 EUROPEANS a year". now is it that there aren't enough britons dying from the most spurious smoking related illnesses? can not enough deaths be tediously connected to nick o'tine and his deadly buddies of late? and is it just me that sees a message like that and thinks "ahhhh, we could use a few less of them using up oxygen anyway"?
  2. Phew, its a good job I am not a European then :thumright:
  3. Phew, it's a good job i don't watch shite like stargate either! :thumright:
  4. theres kn0b-all shite about Stargate....
  5. I think the government has killed more squaddies than Mr Lambert and Mr Butler recently, Any way I love the way they think that smokers are watching these adverts. personally as soon as the ad breaks come on I'm on my balcony happily rauching. The only people watching these adverts are non smokers, so, waste of money there then.

    God! Sometimes I wish my vice was gambling, binge drinking, drugs, kiddie porn or preaching to my fellow man to hack each others noggin off. They dont get hassled to fcuk and back by the obnoxiously self righteous.

    Im off for a fag!
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The only person I've ever heard of who was killed by cigarettes was a guy who was unloading them using a pallet truck. It fell and he got crushed by a pallet full of fags.

    This whole 'smoking kills' rubbish is exactly that. Compare the one chap flattened by a pallet of fags to the millions who die every year from lung cancer, throat cancer, pleurosy, blocked arteries, heart attacks etc. Of these, cancer is the biggest killer. CANCER KILLS!

    It's a bit like these dumb adverts about speeding saying the same thing. Listen up muppets, speed DOES NOT KILL! What kills is a rapid downward trend on your own velocity chart.
  7. ......... and just as smoking cigarettes is a gamble, so is joining the Armed Forces! We all make our choices and must suffer the consequences that follow.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I wish HM Gov would pay me for smoking fags and supply me with the lighter and theatre of smoking in which to inbibe, rather than taxing me for the privilage.
  9. Quiet true but when those choices are given to you by Mrs Thatcher as a viable means of sustaining the Government, NHS and random rogue children on a bit of a jolly out on a Paris Dakaar jaunt and gettin friggin lost then whats a 13 year old scrote (back in the day) meant to do with his £3 pocket money when 10 Regal are only 60p (or thereabouts) :meditate:
  10. Don't we get our tax back now on operations! I'm sure i recently had over two grand deposited into my bank account after herrick 4!
  11. if inhaling 3rd party smoke is that dangerous, and there's really no way to stop a dedicated smoker lest his own decision, then does it not seem a good idea for HMG to provide squaddies with a healthy supply of free ciggies in hostile environments?

    just a thought, if it really is THAT dangerous...
  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I remember watching a Bill Hicks sketch, were he recounts...

    'I bought a pack of cigarettes...pack said 'Smoking can harm your unborn baby. Next time I went to the drugstore I asked 'Hey bud you got a carton of those cigarettes that harm your foetus?'
  13. If you don't eat 5 portions of fruit or veg a day you can get cancer.

    Pollution- bad- can give you cancer

    Use a mobile can give you cancer

    etc etc...

    Lets face it if we listened to everything we probably wouldn't leave the house.

    Basically everything can harm and kill you so who cares if you light up? FFS walking down the road to buy the 5 portions and you can get hit by a car or stabbed etc don't you think its all over the top if you want to smoke then fcuking smoke. I know i will.

    Also those stupid foot wide tiled areas round the bar that you cant smoke in to protect the staff that are all high on coke and smoke anyway are a waste of time, i can see that during a friday night in weatherspoons with everyone including myself puffing away that the postage stamp area by the bar that you cant smoke in really helps. Especially if you take a drag and blow it in the direction of the bar anyway.

    I for one know of the warnings on packets but will it make me stop? I think not.

    In Brazil they have disturbing photo's on each THAT makes you think. A dead baby in the morning on your pack of fags does get you thinking. And not in that way you sick fcuks...... :thumright:
  14. Fookin too right...
  15. Our pet para is just jealous that hes not as nails as O'Neill.....

    Exactly, my photographic chemicals carry a health warning telling mei will get cancer from them and cost the government trillions of pounds getting it cured, so why dont i go sit in my living room and getting off over my models? (lady models, not the type that hang from your ceiling on a piece of string)