Smoking: Is it always a bad thing?

Smoking: Is it always a 'bad' thing?

I give you...

LEFTY478 said:
Smoking: Is it always a 'bad' thing?

I give you...

I don't think the cure will be expeditious enough in this case; we should be telling them how wonderful smack is and supplying tinfoil gratis. Perhaps a crash course in crystal meth would help cleanse the gene pool a little. :wink:


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What deSTAB said. But can we cut their junk first? Drain cleaner, rat poison, cyanide. Something like that.
gobbyidiot said:
The fat one looks like Chief Wiggam. I'd pay to see the parents.
Bit harsh on Chief Wiggam if you ask me!

I'm all for the crystal meth or cyanide plots however! :twisted:


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I thought Crack and Crystal Meth WAS designed to thin out the lower end of the gene pool?

It's worked wonders in the US.
I suspect smoking had a lot to do with them ending up that way. Mummy really should have quit when she found out.
Nah, their mother obviously didn't smoke enough. They were born alive ffs
I wanted to give up once and came on here for advice.

Best advice I was given was "why, only faggots are quitters"

Therefore I continue my vile habit and laugh in the face of those that scorn me.

Chavs should be encouraged to move a few steps further and experiment with crack, H and cyanide snorting.

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