Smoking in the US Military

Discussion in 'US' started by Ironside, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. Oliver Cromwell tried to ban swearing, but that seems to have been forgotten about for the moment. I think if I was a serving soldier, and had to stop smoking, a few more people would have to die. Seriously though, it gets worse. There is a corpse-chomping battlefield robot under development which should help to keep the place tidy. I hope it can 'mak sikkar' before it feeds me into the furnace. Report here,2933,532492,00.html?test=latestnews
  2. If this was proposed in the UK Labour could probably find ........oh I dunno .......about 1.4Bn to ensure that it happened in HM Forces!
  3. The problem with this is that if Septics they are denied the freedom to smoke many of them will turn to Chewing Tobacco, as a lot of them already do.
    Now I don't smoke (never have) and find it a pretty foul habit, but for all
    -round puke-inducing disgust you have to spend some time in the company of some 7ft., 20stone hillbilly with black teeth, a gob full of half-masticated Baccy and an empty Coke tin into which he directs a stream of Kak-brown saliva every 5 minutes, it's absolutely F*cking GROSS!! :x :x :x
    Seriously, Mouth Cancer is to good for the b*stard. But a word of warning, for God's sake, whatever you do, keep an eye on what happens to that Coke can! 8O
  4. You do that, and you will have half of all U.S forces leave the service!!
  5. It is all tobacco products they want to ban, including dip. The 'dippers' are even more p!ssed off than the smokers.
  6. Land of the free my arrse!
  7. You beat me to it! Although I for one am less phased by the US top brass considering banning smoking on operations than I am with their use of the word ''Warrior''. I wish they wouldn't, warriors are in lord of the rings etc, SOLDIERS is a better discription for army personnel, a tangent I know but enoughs enough.
  8. Whilst on exchange at Ft Knox (SIMNET, God's own video game!), I got to see the Yank recruits or trade-course guys or whatever, all the time. Never saw one smoking. Wheen I asked one for a light one day, he said they were not allowed to smoke on course. I believe they were recruits, BTW. If this is the case, I would imagine that EVERYONE is a non-smoker for way longer than the time it takes to break the physical addiction, and are thus de facto nonsmokers. Why anyone would start up again is beyond me. So I think it would be great to ban it altogether on duty. THat said, no-one should be disciplined for smoking a legal product while on leave.
  9. Already when in Training or Deployed. General Order 1a also bans Porn in any guise. An Engineer Bde. CSM was actually charged and courtmartialed for among other things having porn on his computer in Kuwait.
  10. Does the base in Qatar counts as deployed?, because there is a bar on camp there.
  11. If my american cousins are not allowed to smoke fags in their armed forces I shall immediately launch a campaign alledging homophobia on behalf of the State.
  12. Smoking is disgusting! Don't these lads know it could kill them?