Smoking in the Mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Germanybhoy, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Thought i would bring this up to find out what other mess members feel about this. My Mess has just endorsed a no smoking policy within the mess, bar one room. Smokers can no longer smoke in the bar or at Regimental dinner nights in the main hall but can spark up in the ante room which non smokers must pass through to get to the toilets. As you can imagine as it is the only smoking area it becomes a bit of an opium den. Has any other messes endorsed this? i for one smoke and the dinner nights are killin me. :(
  2. Should only be allowed to smoke in the mess after sex
  3. our mess you can only smoke outside during functions.
  4. Have you ever wondered where this so-called concern for our "health" has come from? What are they scared of? The rapid change of attitude has ben nothing short of revolutionary. from a standing start its gone all the way to just short of prohibition. Smoke-easies? It has been banned everywhere. In California, they banned it in all prisons overnight. No cold-turkey, just stopped.

    I think it was big tobacco taking such a masssive hit in the US from sharp-witted (and no doubt well-hung) lawyer-types. Next minute you can get fined 200 bucks in NY for possession of an ashtray. (I kid you not)

    Now, if it can be proven, it can also be disproven. Where is the DIRECT link to lung cancer? Stats are like a woman of disrepute, pay enough for them and you can do what you like with them. (I've heard...) People who have never smoked get lung cancer, they are pre-disposed to by genetics. And the folks they were using to spank the tobacco firms were just asking for it (honestly, if Paw really was smoking 80-100 of anything per day he was bound to die of something.) There is such a thing as contributory negligence.

    There is no compensation culture in this country, another insurance company-created myth. " I bust my leg falling off a ladder (due to clear negligence) and I got 3 grand. Thank you Scumbag and Nodignity Solicitors!" FFS, that's my Jonny bill for a weekend,get some real money. You will never work again! Now I've got to pay your sick benefit for the rest of your natural, dufus. Let our dear leaders grow a pair, tell the Insurance bullies to stop crying over what might happen and do one. Consider the greatest good to the greatest number. A third of people smoke, the rest largely could'nt give a monkeys' until this fear agenda began.

    Non-smokers die evey day. Try this as an argument, next time one of these Proto-Fascists asks you to smoke outside- Ask does wearing a beret/cap/bearskin make you bald? Then lets ban them as well...

    Phew, what an effort. Off for a biftah.....
  5. Well as long as u are willing to get yer gear on and stand outside as believe it or not even that is banned in the mess Accom due to the air con filter system. non smokers complained they could smell it WTF!! :evil:
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Burnin' rubber!!! :D
    Seriously tho,The military is the last bastion where 'political correctness' is at a minimum. (hopefully)
    Smoking & drinking are a part of service life & the mess is a place to relax,unwind & gripe about who knows what. If the mess members want to smoke,so be it.Unlike civvie life where cafe's,bars,ect can ban smoking the mess members pay for their 'life' in the mess.I'm a non-smoker but my G/F was (she's from Dublin & gave up when the city banned smoking in public) but I believe that everyone should have a choice.To force it on the masses 'just because' is wrong.Everyone should have a choice.
  7. Smoking is fine just dont effect others it not just about health, I dont want my kit reeking of stale smoke, after all I dont wipe **** on people after ive had a hand shandy so why should you deposit the residue of your pleasure on me???
  8. With great care and trepidation an ex-officer intrudes (without invitation from any passing RSM) into this debate.

    I am a cigar smoker. I used to love a good cigar after a fine Dinner Night. When on ops I used to smoke a pipe (as a FOO I felt I was obliged to). At Festive Board (Masonic piss-ups) I offer to all and sundry my latest shipment of Cuban cigars. Some decline, many accept. There is something satisfying about sitting with a good brandy in one hand and an excellent cigar in the other while talking utter drunken shite at your mates.

    Having lived in Central Europe (where everyone and their dog smokes 60 a day), I can sympathise with non-smokers. After 10 mintues in a pub out here a boil-wash is needed to clean the clothes of the smell of stale smoke. Even as a cigar smoker I do not like it.

    All I can suggest is that smoking is "verbotten" before the RSM/CO (sometimes the same person in Regt that I have served with!) rises from the table. The main body should then decamp to the bar/anteroom/dancefloor if possible, leaving the smokers and those who do not object to sit around the table discussing 2Lt Fcuknutts latest bout of 30 extra duties (yes, I knew you talked about me!) and how to set the world to rights over the remaining port.

    Though I love a smoke (not cigarettes though), I do appreciate how it can annoy non-smokers (especially ladies with long hair). Do not even mention the health issues.

    Hopefully most messes (Rupert and Seniors) will be able, with a few compromises, to reach a balance without the Gestapo being involved.

    Now, where did I leave my drink?
  9. A whole new ball game when the first PC nazi sues the Army !!!!
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Personally,I dont mind if someone lights up a cigar near me in the mess (reminds me of my Father) & I dont mind pipe smoker's but ciggie smoke can be overpowering at times.But,it's been a item in the mess for ages,If I feel a bit 'oversmoked' ,I nip outside.
  11. I agree with paragorge. I think the health risks are exaggerated. I just hate having to carry the smell around afterwards.
  12. Dirty smelly bad-breath smoking twats - is all i have to say on it.
  13. Paragorge, you're so right!

    Smoking is like sucking on the Devils C*ck! So when you deep throats regurgitate his sperm, give a thought to the folk who don,t swallow.

  14. Look smokers are helping keep the tax rate down, we will all whinge when eevryone gives up and they increase tax on petrol,make toll roads, hospitals will get less money etc to pay for ther loss.

    ooops too late.

    (non-smoker btw)
  15. This must be a gunner thing. Spike Milligan as a signaller in a Tac Party during WWII felt that he ought to emulate his BC since he thought that smoking a pipe made Major Chater-Jack look 'unflappable'. His BC on seeing this asked another officer why Milligan was 'smoking a pipe'. 'Because he thinks it makes him look unflappable' was the reply; 'what's he like' asks the BC - 'bl@@dy awful' said the officer.

    We need more unflappable officers & SNCOs - but there is a serious point of debate here. The Mess is the home of the single officers/SNCOs as well as being a club for all commissioned ranks, WOs & Sgts. I suspect part of the drive towards this attitude stems from the proliferation of civvy contractors working in the Mess and H&S issues. A decent mess ought to be able to find a compromise - though with the new anti smoking legislation coming soon (ie banning all smoking within Govt owned property) I suspect smokers will end up on the back end of a training area somewhere.
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