Smoking In The Army.

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This is probably one of the wierdest questions you'll be asked on Arsse. If you dont get it at first, bare with me.

My basic question is to do with smoking in the army. I have seen a lot of people say, "Just smoke because you will get a break" and i have seen others say, "Dont smoke because you will be ripped apart for it and made to work harder".. Now i know this obviously depends on the staff but what is the general opinon?

I gave up smoking for my ADSC for around 2 months beforehand and it worked a treat for me. I was getting a run time of 10:50ish when smoking and a run time of 10:20ish when not. So, this could be due to the fags or it could be due to me just getting fitter over time..

Seems like i have typed for too long now and most of you are going to be reading this thinking wtf? and probably not reply but thanks again, Should i continue smoking in phase 1/2/3 and then the army or should i cut it out now?



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Smoking makes you smell bad, makes you unfit and kills you slowly. Give up now you muppet!
You can get away with smoking when you're younger. It's when you hit middle age that it starts catching up with you. By that time it's a bastard to give up. Smoking is basically for losers. There's just no need for it. That said, I know many non and ex-smokers who smoke when on operations. It's all in the mind!
Going through basic your life will be so much easier if you are off the tabs.
Look at it like this you've been off for two months so stick with staying off. Once you are with your unit and if you still feel the need that's the time to start again.



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You've got a very odd idea of what constitutes a strange question on ARRSE.

Smoking is a tax on stupidity. Other than that what everyone else said.
Lol. Thanks for the responses guys. Im sure ill quit but its just fcuking hard to.. All is down to how much i want to get through phase 1 i guess, thanks for your support.

If you smoke at phase 1 they'll use it against you, and you'll have to get permission at certain times. After that, you'll just be expected to pick up all the butts when doing litter sweeps. As a non-smoker I'm not expected to pick them up. Mostly.
Lots of people smoke in the forces...Its odviously a barrier to gaining your full potential fitness though. When I went for a look at life at the 16th air brigade colchester. There was fag bins everywhere and a good majority of the serving Paras I spoke to smoked. I asked one of the Pti's (who smoked) did he do so whilst training....He said he did but because the days of training were so full on it helped him slowly cut down because you didn't have the time in the day to do so. He mainly smoked after hours but also admited that he had cut down to benefit his training.

Also I refer to Mcnabs Seven Troop and a certain member of "them",he was an habitual smoker. Yet he was still a very fit bloke. From what I can gather if you arn't already "physically very fit" then its a huge no no. But if you are, then maybe you can afford to have the odd cancer stick. In my personal opinion if you want something so much you will give them up no problem if they are standing as a barrier to where you want to be.

I am a hypocrite in a way because I also smoke, but when doing cardio it hasn't really effected me in regards to gasping for breath and so on. My legs usually tire before my lungs. :)
johnboyzzz said:
PrinceAlbert said:
Smoking is hard, for winners....and should be encouraged.
And you help to keep the taxation down for everyone else
As well as increase my profit margins when I come back of tour.
Haven't got a huge problem with smokers apart from when they get you in bother. Was on an insight course last week and through the week the smokers where sloping off at every single opportunity to have a fag, this led to the staff kicking off "Who the f@£k told you to go for a fag?" and the lot of us getting press ups outside. Also every single morning the whole group had to pick up the fag ends that had been chucked on the floor despite there been designated smoking areas and ashtrays. The staff's patience wore thin pretty quickly aswell early in the week due to the smokers constantly approaching them asking for fag breaks. All this was mainly down to lads not been able to handle been told when and when not they could have a fag, so presume a lot of what i've said wouldn't be a problem with lads in the army and been used to the rules.
I've never smoked, but apparently physiologists mistakenly used to think that smoking badly affected fitness because (basically) the group of smokers contained a disproportionately large number of knackers, and the group of non-smokers contained nearly all the athletes. In fact it takes a long time for the lung damage to overwhelm the benefit you get from the increased number of red blood cells - breathing carbon monoxide will do that. So smoking will ultimately well and truly bugger you, but it takes years (which makes people think there isn't a problem).
Smoking really is for *********. It makes you stink and it fecks your health from day one.
You can get away with it for some years, but inexorably it stuffs your health.
If you have been off them for a your self a favour and stay off them.
Good luck.
Although a non smoker it was always welcome after a bridge gallop or a knackering engineering task on a freezing night or pissed wet through and you start to feel the cold after the build to be stood among lads who are enjoying a smoke... it was a strange but somehow 'warm' feeling... that was the only time I can say I welcomed anyone smoking within 100m of me but each to their own... :)
Dewane, if you dont smoke then when you get a 5 minute break in training you can chillax where the others run outside spark up ninja a fag before running back.

You will be sat relaxed in good order while they will be out of breath, sweating and in shit state. :)


I remember when it was mandatory. If you didn't smoke, you were deemed gay. You had to drink like 10 men as well. And eat NAAFI growlers. People are just too health conscious nowadays. The sooner this 'fad' is over and we can all spark up indoors, the better.
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