Smoking in Public Places Banned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by trickywoo, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Well, they've gone all the way this time. All for it here after giving up two years ago. Will be bad for the pub trade though, methinks.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Doesn't seem to have been in Ireland...

  3. Doubt it, people still want to drink and socialise.
  4. BBC News

    As a smoker I'm a bit miffed, but as I live in sausage land, where it is a national sport I still have time to stop :D
  5. Don't know about that. I was in Limerick for a couple of days last year and the pubs were empty. i.e. not just a few people in - absolutely empty.
  6. All for it me. Having no-smoking areas in pubs and clubs is like having a peeing corner in a swimming pool.
  7. Having spent many years standing doors at pubs I wished they had done it years ago,used to go home (eventually) stinking of fags
  8. I wonder if it will actually deter the, ahem, lower classes in smoking. At £5 a pack it's a crazy amount of money on a 20 a-day habit and in offices now there are far fewer professionals on the cigs whereas manual workers seem still to be at it. This is purely from casual observation, of course. And it does pay for the NHS. A bit.
  9. About time, sick of waking up in the morning smelling the smoke in your hair and clothes as Alan Partridge said no death sticks for me!
  10. This trend seems to be catching on. The State Senate here in Virginia just passed a smoking ban. Surprising as Virginia is one of the largest tobacco producing states in the Union.
  11. :lol: LOL, Plant-Pilot.

    Please can anyone explain what effect, if any, this ban will have on smoking on MOD premises? I hope to join up in a few months, and wonder what the deal is with smoking in the mess? :)
  12. About time.
  13. I dont like waking up smelling of smoke either - but isnt smoking still legal?

    Either ban it or don't.
  14. As a Mess is a private club, it is up to the Mess to decide. However, I think you will find that all Messes will be non-smoking, except in a 'smoking room' and in the individual accommodation rooms. There is no smoking in Workshops/offices etc (not officially!) and smoking areas are usually in a cellar/attic/bus shelter etc (if they are feeling generous!)
  15. :lol: Hit the licenced trade harder than anybody's ever going to admit to.