Smoking gun....


Things are starting to mount up now.  

Talking about mounting, have a look at the link on the right of the above article, Some nice pictures of some young ladies that would definately need mounting.  
Utter Bollox, this is not new

Mr Powell added that drones, if transported, could be used for attacks on the US and the west
Jesus Christ on a 2 wheeled conveyance, you can build the bloody things here. I've seen aeromodels of Lancasters with the same wingspan. Still, it's a nice, irresponsible quote to get people panicking and onside

This has been a favoured hobby horse for some time, the UAV thing has certainly been raised over and over again. They want a reason, and one that's difficult to verify/destroy.

If the Inspectors want to find some chemweps right now, start inspecting Iraqi Artillery regiments, and see what's in their ready bins.

Today Iraq can locally produce a Yugoslav version of the Russian 122-mm towed howitzer; the Iraqis call the local version the Saddam 122-mm howitzer. This field artillery piece has been modified from the original Russian version to fire 8 rounds per minute and has a maximum range of 17,133 meters
17,133 meters is about 11 miles in old money

In June 1988, the Iraqis signed an agreement with Dr. Gerald Bull's 'company Space Research Corporation to design and build two prototypes of the South African G-6 self-propelled howitzer. The result of this agreement is the Al-Majnoon a 155 mm howitzer and the Al-Faw, a 210-mm gun both with enhanced ammunition and a range of 40 kilometers
That's 25 miles. In other words, 1 gun, can drop up to 8 rounds per minute, with a well trained crew. The Iraqis, are some of the most advanced as regards artillery tactics, as devised during the Iran Iraq war. If Saddam is forced to go chemical, that's a lot of damage if one gun section can get it's rounds away.

The rest of the article makes interesting reading. Of course, the Sun is going to print this sort of sh1t to scare the proles, because mundane artillery and rocket rounds, aren't sexy. Even though we know MLRS/Katyusha and Artillery are well favoured by Iraq.

Piles right, the best thing about this "report" is the totty :)

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