Smoking Banned in MOD Buildings and Vehicles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mr_angry, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. And yes, this does include the Mess!!!!!!!!!

    A no-smoking policy will come into force across defence, including all enclosed MOD and Service workplaces and vehicles, from 0600 local time on 31 December 2006.

    The MOD is to introduce a 'No Smoking' Policy across Defence in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Overseas with effect from 31 December 2006 [Picture: Defence PR Bureau]
    This change brings policy for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Overseas across the defence estate into line with that already in place for Scotland.
    The proposed new rules are set out in a Defence Internal brief, released today. The MOD Trade Unions are being consulted. A DIN will be issued following this consultation to confirm the policy.

    The key points are:

    All MOD and Service enclosed workplaces in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Overseas and all MOD and Service vehicles must become smoke-free.

    Appropriate signs will need to be displayed at all entrances to defence establishments and instructions issued to ensure that all personnel are aware of this requirement.

    There must be no smoking in Service Messes and Clubs.

    Local Commands have discretion to designate certain bedrooms as "smoking permitted" in Service Single Living Accommodation.
    The policy meets the new legal requirements in Scotland, which took effect on 26 March 2006, so re-establishing a consistent smoking policy across Defence.

    RN surface warships everywhere are already smoke-free below decks. Ships of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary are to be smoke-free by April 07, and HM Submarines are to be smoke-free by June 07.

    The MOD Trade Unions are being consulted formally on the policy intentions. A DIN will be issued following this consultation to confirm the policy.

    Line managers and colleagues are encouraged to implement the new policy sensitively, and to provide sympathetic support for smokers to enable them to adjust to the policy so as to avoid recourse to disciplinary action.
  2. Hasn't smoking in MOD vehicles aways been banned (or certainly, banned for a long time)?
  3. The Service vehicle I was issued with regularly smoked!

    Serious head now; all total fodder for the control freaks. The ban on smoking outside on a MoD site is pure spitefulness. Some of the people who work around me (I don't smoke and never have; but I may start!) are going to be unbearable.
  4. Funny as FCUK.... Cancer sponge can now be found outside the Mess.... Har Har!
  5. Will the QM be selling all the ashtrays off cheap?
  6. Not even any provision for Mess Dinner Nights? Not even if VIPs or other guests attend?

    I hate ciggie smoke as much as any non-smoker, but I never had a problem with the spectacle of people trying to look like they were enjoying a havana at the end of dinner...
  7. About time too! Any policy to reduce the smoking rate in the Army (41% compared to 28% in the general population) has to be welcomed. Also I am pleased to see the MOD ban is likely to be more stringent than the legal ban in England which is effective from 1 Jul 07.

    Before people moan about the fun police and political correctness a US Army study found that moderate and heavy smokers are 1.8 times the risk of training injuries as non-smokers (Jones, B.H. et al MSSE Vol 25(2), 1993). So who ends up covering their work whilst they are in physiotherapy etc? Us non smokers. Also smokers on average take more time to recover from injury. Not to mention the usual health education issues bad breath and great likelihood of erectile dysfunction and premature death.
  8. Have I missed something? Where does it say that smoking outside will be prohibited?
  9. Presumably as these people who have put forward these rules are so anti everything to do with smoking the don't want to soil their hands with the huge taxes we pay on fags.
  10. Whats going to happen to all the smokers on the subs, is the commander going to surface between 1930-2000 hrs for all the gaspers to get a fix? PC gone mad.
  11. about bloody time too!
  12. Inside a sanger in Afghanistan? Smoking is bad for your health pales a bit in such places.
  13. Don't smoke - don't care - anti social behaviour in my opinion!
  14. This is one of those emotive issues isn't it? The freedom of the individual vs the well-being of the group. If I am to be kicked outside in the cold for having a tab then do I get recompense for not being a one-legged, lesbian dwarf??

    Citizen's Advice Bureau - here I come!!
  15. Professional soldiers don't smoke on stag.