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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by jockster, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Now that the goverment has said there will now be a blanket ban on smoking in all pub/clubs, can anybody tell me where our messes stand in this, do we qualify for a special case or is it a case of smokers your days are numbered?
  2. We already have a full smoking ban in place - it's outside in the rain if we want a smoke at Mess Do's as well. Personally I'd rather go outside and smoke anyway, but I know of people that now no longer frequent the Mess due to this...
  3. The smoking in public places law is the future!!

    I was under the impresion that since 1996 it has be against military regulations to smoke in any building belonging to the crown.

  4. All messes will be covered under the law. The only place a single SNCO will be allowed to smoke is outside or in his room (unless he has smoke detectors fitted!)
  5. At the end of the day who cares, going outside for a smoke will stop most people from participating in the weed, THAT INCLUDES ME>>>>
  6. No, there's more to this than meets the eye.

    Briefly, the points to take on board are this:

    - the mess IS the 'front room' for livers in. They socialise, drink and watch TV in the Mess, therefore they ARE the living rooms for the singlies. The new law says that it is still lawful for people to smoke in their own living rooms.

    - No non smoker should have to 'work in or pass through an area used for smoking'. If your mess has a 'dead end room', i.e. it leads no where, it is fine for that to be designated as the smoking room, as it fulfills the criteria. You might want to propose that it be fitted with an EXPELAIR or similar device
  7. Jeez.....the nanny state.
  8. RN interpretation is that all messes are now non-smoking zones, in line with the law in Scotland. This law will be brought it across the UK when the law is passed here as well. The Mess is treated as a club, which the law does not allow to have an exemption. It is now down to the CO/OC to decide whether to impose a blanket ban on the site, or to provide approved design smoking shelters. With regard to accom - by law the military have to set aside some rooms which are designated as smoking rooms. However, these rooms can only be cleaned and maintained by people who are willing to work in these areas (ie you cannot tell a non-smoker to clean a smoker's room). It's pretty tense, and our ships are now non-smoking zones internally, with only submarines and RFAs exempt until 2008/2010 when they will have to comply as well.

    A good time to get into acupuncture.
  9. Looks like singlies are totally scuppered now

    I'm not a smoker but this is taking the p*ss especially as you are paying rent but can't smoke in your own "home". Does that mean you can't smoke in FQ's either - bet it doesn't
  10. Your allowed to smoke in a prison !!!!!! Personally I feel a WO & SGTS mess is a residential facility. Ok, they can ban it in comunial parts of the mess. But they would have problems banning it in private rooms of individuals. Its a very grey area which will no doubt be tested in the coming few years. Suck it & see would be my advice. On a personal level ( I dont smoke ciggarettes) the act of leaving a room to go outside for a smoke with others is a very socialable thing to do. Many a good contact has been made through doing just that. You cannot beat a well rolled Cuban as an icebreaker !!

    Regards LT.
  11. I wonder if SNCO's are going to enforce it on lower ranks? At most Training Regt's recruits can't smoke in their rooms but it's their "home" and they pay rent.

    Has there been a thread on the main boards about this? Could be a good subject for lots of feedback
  12. Cooperman, I was,nt allowed to smoke in my barrack room in 86 during training. We had to stand outside. At 7 Sigs we all had single rooms so it was ok to smoke. The transit 10 man rooms at 7 Sigs were non smoking though.This was the 80s aswell. Every other unit I,ve been to it has self policed itself. Theres nothing worse than shareing a 4 man room with a heavy smoker if your trying to give up or given up or dont even partake. IMHO its all down to the guys in the blocks to sort it out amongst themselves. Maybe even provideing a decent smoking room. Maybe keeping all the puffers on one floor etc,etc. We have to be civilised about this & not just slap another law down hard. Its all down to the guys in the block to sort this one out .

    Regards LT.
  13. As a non smoker I know exactly what it's like to share multiple occupancy rooms with smokers - heavy or otherwise. Just wondered if it's going to be an MOD blanket ban what the plans are for enforcement. Surely, it can't be permitted in some rooms for some ranks and not others - god can you imagine the whinging then :(

  14. OH Yes..... :( But then again these blokes live there & its down to them to sort it. Both Offrs , SNCOs & junior ranks. I hate blanket bans & rules & regs as much as the next man but with regards to accomadation the balls in thier court. Maybe some sort of meeting could be set up amongst the guys where everything is bought out & provisions/alterations made. Its better somethings done now rather than Pte Joe signs off cos he cant have a fag. It,ll be very interesting how things turn out.

    Regards LT.
  15. Interesting my fanny. You can have a fag in your private accomodation and anything else is a breach of your human rights. If MOD want to go all fannyish on us then fine. Let the army become an army of fannies - same as parliament has become (and that includes the devolved units).