Smoking Ban Six Years On

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PollyAcc2N, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm doing an Access to Nursing Course at college and have been tasked to undertake secondary research for my research project, which is based on the impact of the smoking ban six years on. The research question I am attempting to answer is "Have people's attitudes/opinions and habits changed since the smoking ban was introduced in the UK six years ago?

    I would welcome your feedback.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.
  2. I quit smoking 6 months ago. Moved to "Vaping" which is both legal indoors and much less expensive. It was the expense factor that swayed me though.
  3. Smoking ban?

    Pointless bollox.

    All it means is I have to sit outside freezing my arse off so the wife can have a smoke.
    Meanwhile in the more civilised world of Europe, in Italy, all the wife has to say in the restaurant is 'Avete posacenere?' and spark up.

    My sig line sums it all up nicely…

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  4. A pointless excercise in making people do stuff because we can. More motivated by people who like to dictate than a real desire to safeguard public health. The interesting people tend to be found outside the pub now, although our locals have all closed since the ban, so who can tell?

    It might be interesting to see if there has been an increase in lost days through colds, coughs, and other ailments brought on by constant changing from a warm interior to a cold outside.
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  5. Packed up smoking in the 80's,love it now I can go into a Pub/Restaurant,without having to breathe in smoke,whilst you have every right to smoke,I have every right not to breathe it in.

    Blaming smoking for pubs closing,really,so it's nothing to do with supermarkets selling cheap booze,and anti social 'townies',moving into commuter villages,and not supporting the local pub.

    Plenty of reasons for pubs closing but,the smoking ban is only one of them! ;-)
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  6. I'm not blaming the smoking ban soley for pub closures, but I would suggest that it has been the deciding factor in a lot of closures over the past few years. I agree that expensive beer hasn't helped. Interestingly enough, the wail of the brewers that extra costs have to be met somehow, are contradicted by the fact that wherever a Wetherspoons opened up with cheap beer, the local pubs managed to find a cheap option too.

    The new customers promised as a by product of the smoking ban failed to materialise, only the government was suprised by this.

    For myself, I would simply ban all tobacco goods. Itis for your own good. The non-smokers and ex-smokers alike could all chip in, in extra taxes, the shortfall in revenue that the government would need to find, £11,000,000,000, or so. The do-gooders could then concentrate on banning alcohol.
  7. I'm waiting for everybody to give up smoking & drinking and everything else that is deemed bad for them, but taxed to the hilt, so I can watch the governments revenue stream implode on itself.
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  8. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I don't smoke, but I do despise the way smokers are portrayed. Even in the military when it comes to the lads taking a five minute break, area cleaning etc, its always "Dirty filthy smokers" that gets brought up. What about car drivers? I know which fumes I'd rather be inhaling...

    But then you only have to look at TV programmes - anyone that smokes on telly is a 'baddie' (Dot Cotton aside, who I don't really know anyway because I don't watch Eastenders).

    Attitudes have changed indeed - the country is full of left-wing tree hugging twats that think they have the moral high ground because they've just walked through a cloud of smoke from someone who has been made to smoke outside - exaggerated by their over-eager coughing and spluttering noise and the unnecessary wafting of their hand (in case you couldn't hear the false coughing).

    ******* do-gooders in this country get on my tits. EO&D officers who scowl the area looking for shops that sell gollies so they can read them the riot act, whilst carelessly ignoring reports of Asian gangs targetting white girls for rape.

    Fume... seeth... growl... etc
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  9. I went out for a meal at the weekend in quite a nice resturant,the table next to us had about 10 people on it.And at the end of every course 8 of them had to go outside for a ciggy.I find it hard to understand why a grown adult cannot have a meal without getting up every ten mins to go for a smoke. i welcomed the smoking ban in pubs and clubs,it is so nice to come home not stinking of smoke.
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  10. Thought that would be nearer the mark.
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  11. As a non driver I object to having to inhale the fumes let alone the carcinogenic particulates emitted because some no-smoking tree hugging left wing Liberal twatting car driver can't be arsed to eat at home.
  12. I think it's great, as a smoker. For various reasons:

    -I DO smoke less, the ones I smoke I actually enjoy and don't just spark up because I can.
    -Smokers are always more fun, or at least interesting to talk to than non-smoking dullards, so it's great that the smoking ban segregates boring people from the fun crowd.
    -A chance to politely leave idiots behind at the bar.
    -It's a chance to get some fresh air.
    -A place to meet chicks, the amount of times I got laid thanks to going out for a fag makes the health hazzard well worth it.
    -My clothes don't stink the next day.
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  13. As a smoker it's definately hardened my attitude towards people who don't like it. This lurverly shelter with the patio heaters was designed with me in mind, so if you object to me smoking in it then kindly **** off back inside with the other bores.
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  14. why do people asume that people that agree with the smoking ban are boring and non smokers?
  15. Because most of them are pontificating twats, take Higgs Bosun for example, as rabid a non smoker as can be and only listens to his own point of view without regarding anyone else's.