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Smoking and COVID-19

I get recurring bouts of bronchitis, have done for years ,
first time I got it bad was early eighties , went to the docs, …" yep, quite a nasty bout of bronchitis you have there Beagle , non smokers then ?"
" Yes Mam, why do you ask ?"
She says " smokers are so used to shit like that in their lungs they don't seem to notice it like non smokers do"

When I say non smoker , that doesn't include walking into a hanger of 12 Challengers trying to start up on freezing cold mornings , with half the doors closed
I still get floored with it every couple of years
And factionalised as well.
This latest move - a week after the president, Ramaphosa, announced on TV that the ban would be lifted on 1 May - smacks of a political power play between his faction and the faction of Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma*, ex pres Jacob Zuma's rx wife.
"Yep, I'll defy you on this - what you gonna do about it?"
Folk will smoke. If anything, the ban has made no sense, as smokers will be making extra trips to other places to buy illicit fags.
Prices already more than doubled on the black market.

* Who, bizarrely, is partly funded by a scumbag called Mazotti, who makes his $$$ from tobacco smuggling!!

A self-confessed smuggler, fraudster and money launderer has emerged as a contributor to ANC presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma's bid to replace her ex-husband, President Jacob Zuma.

There's something of the night about that one. I reckon she'll make JZ's thieving and underhanded dealings look like an outing of Brownies.


Book Reviewer
It's like they want every one to go mad. Here in London it's getting busier and busier. People are just fcuking it off and going out and doing what they want. Apart from half the shops being shut, it's getting back to normal.
And if the Govt had made it law that being caught outside without a valid reason/signed chit was going to cost £600 quid (and upwards for every transgression) as it is on the European mainland, most of these fuckers would now be penniless and staying home as they should've done.

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