Smoking & Alcohol statistics


out here in Germany - there are regional'health advisors' were info and resourses can be obtained.

Army Medical Directorate at Camberley have a Med Ops office that may help.

Best person to ask would be a 'smoking cessation' advisor / nurse in the med centre, they will have info from there coursework undertaken to qualify them to run the clinic.
Interesting statistic to find out .

I have no idea how much a "normal" civi drinks. Just seem to see many, many, many out on the lash every night .

I suppose they are the one's without jobs, but then how do they pay for the grog?

I always try to think about the statistics re the Military (Army) and divorce. I read we are at 33% re the civis 20% but does that take into account :

1. Tours away.
2. Married at 18 or 19 to get out the block.
3. Married the lass from our street who had never been out of the street , but now is on a patch in Germany ,while her man's away in a sandy place.
4. Etc, etc.

Never go into a hospital. Statisticaly you are going to die there.

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