Discussion in 'RAC' started by sea-king, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. :p Now this is a word that has come up a few times in the past few days, so does anybody have any yarns about them and do they still have them , serving members being asked for this info, or maybe they´re called BBQ´s or such.
    I remember EDY playing "spoons" at a smoker in Feb 82 (I think) Soltau, pissed myself. Although it was fecking freezing vast amounts of Tennents got necked. I hated getting out of my maggot at 2 in the morning to go for a slash, banging my head on the barrel and falling off the exhaust.
    ( Yes I´m off sick and got too much time on my hands) :p
  2. Best smoker by far was Soltau July 85, H**** H***** was SQMC D Sqn. He got two prozzies from Laybye Lill´s, an old matress off a tip and they did a turn on the back of a stripped down Bedford with two Chieftain spot lights on them in front of the whole sqn. The sheet of the matress was later auctioned. The usual firewalking, dance of the flaming ********* and drunken fighting ensued. What a great night - now those were the days, but try telling that to the young lads in Iraq and Afghanistan now!!!
  3. Jeezus what mob where you in? Can I join still? :p
  4. Troop smoker with the Danish Recce, guys in striped down lannys and all built like vikings, their rations were shite but by heck they had more beer than carlsberg, and the Dutch who didnt work weekends and set up a disco for their men and women, great night that.

    Infact it was a really great night :)

    Troop smokers usually meant tree fighting and biting bottle tops off. Though after one smoker, one guy went awol, seeing we were in the middle of nowhere he still didnt get far, same as when he went awol at soltau, took him 3 days to get to the bridge!!
  5. Took a box of 50 King Eddies on scheme once, come the Sqn smoker and one chap asks me for a cigar, fcuk *ff says i in a polite manner. Then left my place by the fire to empty the old bladder, when i came back something was different, I just could not tell what it was, then it hit me like a brick! everyone in the Sqn was smoking a cigar, raced to my Scorpion to find an empty King Eddie box on the engine decks, my roar of BASTA**DS was drowned out by a Sqn's worth of laughing.

    happy days.
  6. Those ladies must have done the rounds, they turned up at B sqn smoker later on. :D
    I of course volunteered for a radio stag. :oops:
    You probably enjoyed that night because some other subby ended up on the fire :wink:
  7. I remember at a BG smoker, the Blues Colonel who had only one hand, hanging from a chieftan turret as his hook had caught in one of the mounting clips, we thought it was a party piece :)
  8. Tree fighting!! Bazooka plate fighting more like. He who shall remain nameless ( J*m K*lly) Benghazi+ beer=bloottoe. OMD 15 on the leg, leg too near fire, spontaneous combustion, don´t move J*m.
    J*m thinks feck this for a game of soldiers fecks off into dark German wood.
    Didn´t need TI. The guy was burning like fecking Guy Fawkes,( a habit with J*m apparently) so easily followed, the screams helped too though.
    That lovely dongggg!!! as J*m slams into the side C/S 12A.
    Cue drunken troopers putting out fire with gusto and Tennents. Lovely evening :p
  9. That´s right, HH then took them round to the other sqns, for a fee to D Sqn fund. Not sure how that would have shown up in the audit. I didñ´t end up on the fire that night, that pleasure was reserved for the biggest piss head in the sqn: the Sqn Ldr. However, I did wake up in a wet sleeping bag, which is odd because it was a fine dry night.
  10. hey cl**f di yi ken me noo mate? a wis wan o the lads that went head over fae thon pontoon bridge into the river swindenbeck..aye 4 o us were in c/s 32 at the time. athot that wis it, number up joab. REME geed me fotos al upload them once a find oot how ti dae it. by the way yer cupola and loaders hatch diny keep oot the water. :D :D :D
  11. kin mind o j*m ke**y we were awe doon the strip in sennelager efter aboot 3hrs in naafi drinkin doubles. a kin mind o jk daen a crap oan a traffic island, unbelievable! then he lays doon oan the road demanding to be run over. can you mind o that sea-king? no we didny get lifted a dont know....IS jubes still around? do you remember ecky?
  12. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Organised by the SQMC kinda narrows the unit down, like.
  13. SQMC.....Squadron Quarter Master Cnut :? Ahhh Life Guards then. :)
    They bang women?? I am surprised! :p
  14. My first exercise (Soltau), one day after i got to the regiment October 1987. Very shortly after came my first smoker. i am predictably wnakered on my first go at German beer. I manage to evade those looking to tie me to a branch and hang me over the fire pouring waaaah juice on until someone else says i have had enough.

    I am in my maggot when the loader arrives back clearly worse for wear and climbs into the commanders fart sack. Two minutes later there is what was at the time a new sound to me (although now painfully familiar) of a triple crown within the bag next to me.

    The previously mentioned Loader gets out of the commanders slug and cleans himself up (ish), then repairs back to his own (clean) bag. Young 17 and a half year old Gunner lies awake with the knowledge until the Commander arrives back (predictably under the influence of wolfgangs yellow handbags) STRIPS OFF!! and gets in to his (soiled, and thats mild) doss bag.

    Result is the following morning, i am up cooking breakfast terrified when the commander awakes covered in body matter and thinks it is himself who had the full body explosion. As the only one awake and of course the new boy i am instructed to help him clean the chunder, pezzle and shti off him whilst under instructions to keep my silence on pain of death.

    That commander apologies, but i think you know who you are.
  15. Neighhhh lad, you shouldn't be surprised...