Smokers to clock in and out of work now

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheresaMay, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Breckland Council in Norfolk are to introduce the measure under new council plans, forcing smokers to clock in and out of work each time they go for a ciggie.


    Smokers must clock in and out under new council plans - Telegraph

    I used to smoke, but don't anymore. But what about people who go for a brew 8 times a day, or make a personal phone call during office hours?
  2. The council could hire 'enforcers' to ensure everyone was working every second of every minute of every hour in the working day. They would jot down the times of smokers/brewers/phoners were not grafting and this time could be then docked from their wages.

    A group of super enforcers would enforce the enforcers, and a team of super duper enforcers would super enforce the super enforcers..... Until we got to THE ENFORCER who observed ALL.

    That would be a cost effective and efficient system I feel.
  3. When contracting for the NHS I was required to write down every occasion I went for a cigarette, which was a fair one as the policy (ignored by most staff and patients TBH) was that smoking had to take place off-site and a cigarette break took in the region of 15 minutes. What got right up my arrse was that organising the fantasy football, Union business, general chit-chat, admiring new babies/dogs that were brought in, "women's problems", convenient "childcare emergencies" on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons and so on did not seem to attract much scrutiny.

    When working for a Big-6 Firm earlier in my career I had to account for time down to 15 minutes; the current standard for my Sister in the Big-4 is six minutes. Each of these time allocations had to be justified to senior management & god help anyone who dropped below a certain chargeable percentage. Let all these people who deserve such high salaries to stop them defecting to the Private Sector find out wat working in the Private Sector can actually be like!

    To be fair this is probably only going to hit the drones as the senior types will still be able to waste as much time as they like on team building, awaydays, and meetings of tenuous value. What measure like this will not do is root out either simple incompetence or gross idleness: I can see the employees who are made to clock in & out like this will make up for it by pinching some extra stationery or other low-level fraud.
  4. Just about as pathetic as you can get.
    This ignores the waste that numerous layers of management cause.
  5. Next - let's go for those bastards who don't have breakfast at home but wait till they get to work and drink coffee and eat muesli at their desks....
  6. Are you bemoaning the fact that bosses are picking on smokers or that they aren't picking on everyone else for equally spurious reasons, it's hard to tell?
  7. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I was pointing out, as opposed to making a point.

    But since you ask, I am of the opinion it is a rather futile waste of time and resources. After all, it will still require policing to a degree regardless of how 'automated' they make the system i.e. they may introduce a clocking device, but then it would require eyes-on to ensure it wasn't just being walked past and ignored. The info it collects would then require downloading and processing/evaluating. Pay and hours would then need to be adjusted, which would then require auditing at regular intervals by independent bodies etc etc etc...

    It just seems like a rather spiteful move toward one specific group of people, given that council workers in general are notorious slackers; the numerous reports in recent months from whistleblowers have revealed that. And I have a distinct feeling it will cause more problems than it solves - leading to the inevitable scrapping of the scheme (just like Nottingham Council eventually did).

    There will be the non-smokers who will be ranting "it's about time" with their fists in the air (f*ck, yeah!) and on the other side of the coin there will be the pro-smoking groups feeling victimised, having already been forced out in the rain, etc. And there will be some that argue that while it does not account for personnel spending time on Facebook, making umpteen brews throughout the day - smokers are equally likely to partake in similar slacking activities too.

    Somewhere in between, there are one or two of us that feel that maybe councils should remove their heads from up their own arrses and spend more time concentrating on what they're paid to do.
  8. Why should council workers or indeed any public sector employees be excluded from what generally happens across the private sector?

    I agree with this to an extent. The odd one in a day is fine & squares up with the 10mins or so non smoking people generally waste discussing eastenders in the brew room at the start of the day. Its when someone with a 40 a day habit feels the need for a 10min break every hour. I've seen this & it grips my shit. It means they are working an hr less each day while i'm still at my desk. Hardly fair.

    Same goes for any other reason for regular 10min breaks, whether its making incessant brews & the resultant need for a piss every hour or sneaking off to crack on off over the receptionist it all adds up & needs gripping.
  9. My staff always clock in and out for fag breaks. It was them who insisted on having a clocking-in clock in the first place! They also frown on mobile phone use and over-long toilet breaks. They had one colleague who took the piss and were self regulating in these areas to eliminate it, insisting that I tighten up the rules and monitoring systems. If they see any abuse of the system they stamp on it themselves. It has to be said that they are the most appreciative, dedicated and loyal people I have ever worked with.
  10. That's too sensible, they would never actually do what they are paid for.
  11. We do that at my place anyway. Having flexi time makes it a sensible option. If I have hours to use, I clock out for a quick cig. Those that don't use their time for smoking get a extra day off each four week period. Seems fair to me.
  12. Yes, and you run What and employ how many?.............aside from that enquiry, I think you are a fibber.
  13. Hands up how many of you are posting on Arrrse in Company time on a Company PC? ^_^
  14. When I worked for a certain ToC in the South of England, they brought in a no smoking policy. This policy stated that there would be no smoking on any of their properties ie. you had to leave the premises (including stations).

    All seems fair, until it was pointed out that staff at my location, would have to walk for a mile each way just to have a fag! Considering the work environment was out in the air and not in a building, they relented. This would have been the same even with clocking out/in.
  15. The Solution