Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Brilliant move or Crap idea?

    I think the former and about time too.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Not being a smoker I'm more than happy to see the smoking ban coming in. I can see clubs having problems unless they've space for an outside smoking area which most haven't. Rock on coming home without fag burns in your clothes.
  3. Well, that'll be great news for smokers as all the garden tables will be available for smokers as the non-smokers will have the whole of the inside of the pub during the hot sunny days. Non-smokers won't be catching any rays in the pub garden this year as smokers will not have a choice where they can go. Plus there is the minus factor of the billions of pounds of tax lost
  4. What the hell do you care if you are oustanding in your field? Won't you now be surrounded by smokers.

    I say less laws, not more. Or have we forgotten what freedom is.
  5. I am not a fan of draconian sweeping legislation. I'm not a smoker, and am mildly asthmatic - due mainly to a penchant I had for drinking in a particular village pub (of the low ceiling variety) that had the same ventilation qualities as a gas chamber. I had suggested to the landlord - who was more than happy to accept hundreds of my hard-earned beer tokens - that a return to the ol' Smoke Room tactic might be a good idea, as the pub's layout would've made this an easy switch. He told me to fcuk off. So I did. Now who's fcuking larfing?

    Ironically, this cnut put loads of H&S notices all over the boozer: Mind the Step, Mind Yer Head etc. The only one missing was Respirators Must Be Worn. This whole thing could've been handled better. I don't begrudge people having a fag. I just wish that more sense had been exercised by both landlords and government. That said, at least I'll be able to drink myself in to a stupor without having to carry an inhaler and having my kit stink of fag smoke - thus reducing the carbon footprint caused by my dobey machine.
  6. To me this is just another example of our freedom being taken away slowly.

    Doesn't matter which of the three wings of the same party you vote for, this kind of thing will keep happening until one day we'll wake up and realise we have no freedom of choice whatsoever.
  7. Went to a pub once, they had extractor fan all over the ceiling, although people were smoking it didn't make a bit of difference to the air quality as smoke was being vented out. being a non smoker i would have no qualms about drinking in that sort of environment.
  8. It will be drinking banned next - just watch....
  9. Minimum air quality legislation and separate areas would have been more appropriate, certainly as far as pubs and clubs go. I see no reason why businesses shouldn't be able to provide indoor designated smoking areas either.

    And as the Jackboot of state crushes out the fag end of freedom....
  10. 9 days to go.

    I couldn't care less about the financial argument or "erosion of civil liberties". I have the right as a human being not to have to inhale some dirty cnut's smoke that increases my risk of becoming ill.

    I look forward to coming home not stinking of smoke, without my eyes watering and not coughing.

    To those smokers: how would you like it if I made you kneel down by my exhaust pipe as I revved my car engine? Same affect on health.

    Edited to add that if it does encourage people to quit then yes the government earn less tax - but seeing as 25% are smuggled anyway and they'll be paying out less for the NHS in the long term it may then make financial sense. I still don't care though - I'd pay that small bit extra for smoke free
  11. Its the 21st Century, minimum ventilation/air conditioning standards could easily have been put in place rather than draconian ban everything legislation.
    Beer makes you fart, it will be banned next for causing greenhouse gas emisions.
    Unwanted legislation from an unwanted government, I suppose it diverts attention from the important legislative changes taking away democracy.
    And as for your argument Crabby, it could easily be solved by going elsewhere, I would have thought there is room for smoking and non smoking establishments.
  12. Well said Crabby, there was some greasy haired nightclub owner on the BBC this morning (wearing a pink, double-breasted jacket FFS) who has recruited one Cherie Booth QC to represent his case that the smoking ban infringes the human rights of his customers and those of his staff who smoke.

    Needless to say he was floundering rather when asked about the human rights of the 75% of his customers who don't smoke! I am an ex-smoker, but during my smoking days I would go out of my way to avoid my smoke affecting non-smokers, often standing outside pubs out of choice - this is simply a matter of common courtesy made legal.
  13. And when that ventilation system goes wrong? I've not worked in a place where the systems worked everyday.

    Finally I do go elsewhere when I can - there are a couple of non-smoking places. However surely that is an erosion of my civil liberties?
    Put simply:
    I can go into any public place
    Smoker can go into any public place, but can not smoke.

    Sounds fair?

    Those who find smoking (which damages their health through "passive smoking" (I can point you in the direction of some studies if you like)) disgusting end up limited to a few establishments
    Smokers who want to smoke limit themselves to a few establishments.

    Doesn't make sense.

    It's also far more expensive for a business to install the infastructure to meet ventilation standards (especially some of the older pubs) than a blanket ban where every business will win/lose equally
  14. Its going to be the law so nothing can be done now anyway.
    its amazing how non smokers are mostly "yeah brilliant, i can go to such and such now" so your freedom of choice is ok,to the restriction of others, at least smokers allowed you to share their smoke...
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmmmm reformed smoker are you? Typical nazi attitude of most of you. I am too but couldn't care less if someone wants to smoke. It's called freedom of choice - if you don't want to be in a smoky environment don't go in, easy really - but you prefer the government to legislate how you live your life.