Smoke Me A kipper,Im Comming Home!!!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by spike7451, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Right Smegheads!
    After blasting off 21 years ago,the last human, Dave Lister & the crew of Red Dwarf are set to finally return to Earth.

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  2. i bought the anniversary edition 10 disc set, only the shows, at xmas from the bbc for £30. quality.
  3. It would be pretty hard to make the special without him. He's Dave Lister after all. :p
  4. while I dislike the fecker intensely, isn't he just an actor? Playing various roles.............

    Being a crack head tosspot doesn't (neccesarily) affect his performance does it?

    Or are you going down the route of ban/sack/fine/revile anybody on the idiot box who puts a foot wrong in their private lives :arrow:
  5. And Red Dwarf returns to TV tonight on Dave at 21:00hrs ^^

    BTW, it's a new series!
  6. One of my favourite shows as a young'un.
  7. When I as 12 in my first year at comprehensive (that's right I went to comp. Want to make something of it?) we had to do drama lessons.

    Apart from it being a doss lesson, we had to produce a play. So all the boys got together and decided to do one based on Red Dwarf.

    I got to play Lister at first, but then realised it meant learning loads of lines that we had to write so I stepped down.
    Our "play" when we performed it for the class quickly descended into chaos as we gave up performing the play we'd written, and ad libbed a star fight.
    Which basically boiled down to throwing all the chairs at each other.

    The teacher went mental as we ended up with 3 kids with nasty cuts, and bruises on all of us, as well as 2 broken chairs.

    I used to love Red Dwarf.
  8. Smmmmmmeeeeee, Smmmmmeeeee, Smeeeeeeeeggggg
  9. Watched it all again a year ago....... a classic that has not aged at all.
  10. How can it age, it is set 6 million years into the future :wink:
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  11. Chris Barrie used to do a passable Craig Charles impression when Red Dwarf was serialized on BBC Radio 4. Don't know why Craig didn't appear to voice Lister; maybe the money wasn't right. :?
  12. Wasn't he going through his "bohemian" phase at the time?
  13. Looking forward to this, I used to watch Red Dwarf when I was faaaaaaaaaaar too young for it.

    I used to sneakily put the TV in my room on when it was due on and with the sound on as low as I could get away with. To put in context how young I was I actually met Danny John Jules at some studios we visited while I was on holiday, stood there clutching a hulk hogan teddy... he came over and said I was cool :) My parents didn't have the feintest idea who he was other than an actor but my older brother was raging, as it was his hulk hogan doll and I had stolen the moment from him!

    I was too young to get a lot of the jokes but still found it funny, watched it nearly the whole way through my primary school years and half the fun of watching re-runs is in getting jokes I didn't understand at the time!
  14. Face it,it's going to be a shitty cash in,hugely reliant on ancient catchphrases.

  15. They'll probably come back from 6 million years into the future and simultaneously burst out...... "Is ******* Coronation Street still running?

    And how ******* old is Ken Barlow now?"