Smoke Grenades

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BevisRory, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. Ello!

    Just a question about Smoke,

    What colours are used and what do they represent?
  2. Red - STOP!!
    Amber - Prepare to move!!
    Green - GO GO GO!!!
  3. Red
    and smoke screening, which in effect is white.

    There is no laid down usage for any of the colours. It is down to commanders what they signify although red is normally used as safety.

    During exercise play smoke will often be used to denote different types of attack to test troops reactions (i.e yellow may indicate a CBRN attack).
  4. I always like to use green smoke to show my environmentally aware side.
  5. I keep asking for a party pack with lots of different colours, but all I get is sodding green.... damn it!
  6. We called that "doing a Woodstock" whilst in Batus.

    We would throw as many different colours as possible under a warriors cam net and watch the crew all stumble out feeling the effects and soaking up the pretty rainbows man!
  7. So your a cunt then for arseing about with ammo.
  8. cock
  9. Not as much as a cnut as one of my muckers at Scraseden fort who tried (and succeeded) in deterring a certain niggly para NCO from advancing on his position by firing a shermuley at his chest on exercise a good few years back! Very silly, very dangerous, but oh how we laughed to see him trying to put out his denison smock! (our unit did the 'para pat-down dance' whenever a dull moment arose to amuse ourselves for years afterwards, accompanied by the battle cry... Shermoooley!)
  10. Yes - I've also done much worse than that. :roll:

    Then again we had a sense of humour on such issues. Looking at your avatar I can see why you don't and I understand this. Obviously the consequences of arrsing around with some ammunition are likely to be worse than others.

    To meet your next point; Yes people were sometimes injured (Slightly) during some of our pranks but No the bosses didn't do anything about it as nine times out of ten they were laughing about it afterwards too. Although some would shake their heads and walk away to arrse cover.
  11. At one point during a certain exercise in Salisbury I began to think that the DS were using them as BATSIM. When we realised the OPFOR in depth were just bored I did actually think it may have been a bit silly of them. Still it was a good exercise though and more injuries were caused by slipping on ice than anything.
  12. It's the only fun way to learn about ammo.

    Also if you crack open some smoke grenades and swap the coloured doughnuts around inside you'd think you'll get a decent mix of colours - It doesn't though - it just looks krap.
  13. We kind of got told off in BATUS for firing the sherm-schmool-sham, f*ck it, those things that fire little parachute things, at like 2°(instead of 45°) promptly setting fire to vast amounts of the Prairie because they hit the ground still burning. Great fun watching the dude with the fire beater stick running about like mad!
  14. 82 & 83 both called smoke, although not, but how do you tell the difference at night? :D
  15. I think you mean the L83 (training) and L84 RP.

    You laugh, but they can still be used at night when bringing in helicopters.

    They can never be mixed as L83 is should not be issued for Ops.