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Discussion in 'RLC' started by TomNewman, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. As a former squaddie who served in the 1970s, I wonder if you guys still get 'smoke breaks' these days?
    During my time practically everybody smoked cigarettes and smoke breaks were a recognised perk, especially during drill.
    I'm sure they still continue but what do politically correct drill pigs call them?
    These days smokers are a low percentage of the population so I assume that low figure translates into the present day army. (Mind you in my day we had hardy anybody booted out of the army for drug offences).

    And I bet there is an expression popular today as it was in my day when the NCOs want everybody to rush: "You're are only wasting your own time!"
  2. Ah, the smoke break. I wonder how many young uns took up smoking just to get a 10 minute break.
  3. referred to as comfort breaks nowadays!
  4. Comfort Breaks!
    Good God - I do that when I want to go to the toilet.
  5. Ah, the smoke break during recruit drill. Ten blokes standing in a huddle frantically waiting their turn on a soggy fag. The relief as the smoke hits the back of the throat. Seeing your mate emerge from jail, a horrible sweaty mess and saving the last drag for him. Makes me want to start smoking again.
  6. They are called "fresh air "breaks now and last as long as the old smoke breaks.
  7. And of course the classic DS shout of. "Smoke break, get off the shagging square. If you don't smoke, go through the shagging motions."

    Smokey Daze.
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  8. Particularly memorable smoke breaks were those that immediately followed a run or a march-to-shoot.
  9. Or one particular guy I knew who'd have one after the first 1.5 mile of the BFT (as they were then). Still used to scorch the second 1.5 mile.
  10. Tom,
    Were you a full screw at Colerne in 91?
  11. I did. In basic training we weren't allowed out of the block outside of training/periods of instruction. The only exception was every 2 hours, the smokers got to run out to the skips, blaze away, then run back. 14 years it took me to quit the habit. Although I do like a cigar with a beer, or a cheeky roly when I'm working in the garden, every now and again.
    Oh and when I'm instructing myself I call them Fag and Fresh Air breaks, so no-one moans cos the coughers get to go outside
  12. Alas no. My years of service were 1967-76. Deepcut, Detmold, Bahrain, Paderborn, Deepcut (again) and finally Bielefeld, which included a 6 month tour at Aldergrove, NI.
  13. Or half time at football or rugby matches. Sod the slice of orange, spark up a tab and drag the smoke deep into your lungs, happy

    (Sadly I'm also old enough to remember Stanley Matthews advertising cigarettes, Park Drive I think.)
  14. Minging habit, they should be banned in the Army (smerk breaks) and only be allowed to smoke in their own time, and smoke whatever else they care to (para's = penis) (marines = turd) and (RLC drivers = lard).

    Oh and Tankies smoke horse cock.
  15. Nobody actually cares about you, you moonbeam.
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