Smok the Dragon

Hi all,
After 1 year to the date leaving the Army I have finally finished my childrens book app project. The children's Ipad app is now for sale at the App store 'Smok interactive book' at a whopping price of £1.50. If the book is a success the 'Help for Heroes' charity will be getting a boost. I need this to get out world wide!! Smok The Dragon. Your reviews would be welcome.
you need IOS6 to run this app which is aimed at 4 to 7 year olds. Like the facebook page and SmokTheDragon | iHeartThisApp. thanks
It may be a plan to let the CO's know about this advertising, you wouldn't want to get hoofed at this early stage.

I see you were ranking "M.O.D." as opposed to "Army."

I won't have a need for it, but good luck anyway.
Have you any idea of the percentage that Help for Heroes will be getting? It may help your cause to declare that upfront so some don't think it is simply a marketing ploy.
If you market it as Smok (as used by SAS/SBS/Paras) the Dragon you'll have a runaway success!
I invested some of my gratuity to get this off the ground, once I have broken even then I will consider a percentage. If it goes best seller (Lol) then the donation will be bigger. I am a veteran now and support all our good deeds as well as our forgotten heros here on the streets of London. I want to mention STOLL in Fulham. Big thanks for putting my on the right track.

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