Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by julescolt_uk, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. I've searched for many an hour trawling through internet 'surplus' stores and of course eBay (utter shite) and my need is yet to be sattisfied...

    I'm after a proper gucci smock being windproof, water-resistant, gen issue, IRR, etc... Whats recommended and from where can i obtain it?
    Issue is the C95 Ripstock, and i'm just after something a bit gucci..looked at the so-called "SAS" Smocks, but dont know what is gen or not....any advice?

  2. Heres a genuine 19th century farmers smock;


    This is the only Gucci smock I could find. I think it was from their '05 summer collection;


    Hope this helps.
  3. lol. cheers, thats....great.
  4. Why do you want a proper "gucci" smock. The only people that I have ever seen with an all singing smock are either in the Combined Cadet Force or the RLC. Unless you are in either of those esteemed bodies then you have no need for one.

    I by the way, am in the RLC - and yes I do have a waterproof, windproof, IRR, shadowless, smock complete with sniper pads and an inordinate number of extra pockets. It is also lead lined and was worn by Andy McNab - it still has authentic blood on it.
  5. Why do people have an attraction to smocks? Is it because you can't get them through the normal system, and want others to think he must be special to have got that?

    Same with para smocks (as modelled by non-para types)....
  6. No idea about the smock thing.

    Or the para smock thing - personally I have never had a problem with a non-para trained person who wears a para smock. I used to wear ammo boots, but I have never been in the guards, I have got a boiler suit but I am not a trained plumber, I have even worn a hard hat but have never worked on a construction site.

    I have never worn a para smock though, on the grounds that they are too scruffy and if you shine a seat all day like me, then they look a bit out of place.

    Getting back to the orginal question though - I know that smocks are on issue, I have windproofs in both desert dpm and OG.
  7. Fair one. I'm not airbourne so i'm not about to wear a para smock. Neither am I RLC or CCF. My attraction is as follows:

    If a certain type of smock enables me to operate more efficiently and effectively than another, then that one is preferable, for obvious reasons.

    This could be beacuse it is more comfotable to use, due to the material (i.e. heat regualtion). It could be becuase it's designed logically (i.e pockets etc.), perhaps allowing for better accessability. It could even be because it has a sweet pocket sewn into the bottom left-hand pocket....

    All I was asking was whether there were any combat jackets out there that match my critereon and in your opinions are better than the issue ripstock!

    From what your saying so far it seems pussers is the preffered...
  8. Loads on this site bit expensive mind. Arktis also do a sas smock with a water proof lining thing is its gonna get very hot wearing it in the summer.
  9. Jules, a comabt jacket is a combat jacket. My muckers who are going to brecon are all buying jackets witht he gortex linining cos, they've been told, it's slightly wet in that end of town

    Myself, I'm ETS and I do actually own a Windproof smock that looks a million years old. It looks cool and it cost me £3 at a car boot sale when I was 16 in the ACF. That's why I have it.

    If you're combat arms I recommend paying up for the gortex lined jacket. If you're not, then buy something you think looks cool. Oh and I never understood the attraction to Para smocks myself...just thought I'd say
  10. Pussers... :lol:

    Yep, army issue stuff is more than good enough for anything you are likely to be engaged in.

    Unless you were working in some unique role of course, in which case you wouldn't need to ask.

    There is nothing wrong with buying your own smock etc, the problem is that when it tears etc you will be out of pocket. Stick to the "pussers" stuff.
  11. Sammy-I shouldn't jump to be so judgemental. The reason i'm looking to get hold of a better 'smock' is because my current issue smocks do not meet my requirements, what ever they may be.

    Thanks to HENDO, that's what i'm after....and hopefully it won't tear!

  12. Hmmm, do I sense a bit of big timing?

    If you tell us, we may be able to give you a better guide to your requirements...whatever they may be.
  13. Go for SASSkit, goretex is overrated and you certainly don't want your standard smock to be goretex - you will overheat.

    I had SASSkit make me a smock in OG ventile with extra details like button cuffs and button front fastening (so you can button the front with the zip undone in hot weather.) It's brilliant.

    I chose Olive green because I'm no longer serving and don't want to look a tw4t. Besides, I prefer OG :D

    Top kit, very reasonable prices. If you don't think so, consider what you would charge to sew one up!

    They can be a bit slow on delivery so order ASAP but the gear is great.
  14. Lol, no not at all!! It's cool. Sasskit is fine.
  15. You can get water proof linings from surplus stores thats a cheap option if your after the water proof side of things.