Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cruisecontrol, May 3, 2005.

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  1. is it me or do people who know there on course at blandford a couple of days before rush down to the pri shop and buy a smock, it is strange cos nearly every upgrader seems to have a brand spanking new smock with bits of masking tape over the buttons. then again i suppose a smock with masking tape on it will impress 18 yr old girls. GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. it does seem to, at least in the mind of the wearer have that effect
  3. good answer apart from you got the criticism and achievment mixed up
  4. ok then, green friendly tape. as for good admin, yes maybe if you was in the field not walking the dangerous paths of blandford camp.
    by the way dont use masking tape for your car, if i see a strangley sprayed car ill know who you are
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    You've just answered your own question! :D

    I'll take two please. :wink:
  6. Thats funny that is on my course there are only 2 guys who have a smock and ones from 216 and the other is from 264, although at the moment they dont wear them because it's fecking boiling up here. Anyone who wants to cut round in a smock is welcome to they'll be p1ssed off by the end of the summer when they've lost 4 stone and their brand new smock doesn't fit them anymore.
  7. youve done it now all techs will be wearing smocks and sunbathing at the same time now so they can get rid of that fat they have gained in the two years at there last unit .
  8. Ah right so Upgraders means Techs in your world. Well i suppose as our course is the only one with any level of difficulty that's true :twisted:
  9. should be for the pay they earn for putting a tag on a piece of broken kit and sending it to someone who actually knows what is wrong with it.

    anyway take your smock off.
  10. Whoooo glad you have an open attitude of the trade spectrum and what could have been a whitty and observant thread about certain individuals and their dress states has turned into a tech baiting session.

    Anyway I'l have you know a lot more is involved in being a tech than just putting a tag on broken kit, We have to write it as well Or set up a computer to do it for us then we can spend more time drinking brews and thinking up new and interesting ways to sh1t on bitter and twisted operators.
  11. dont forget to keep sqms's number in pocket incase you run out of pens then, im not baiting techs i just hate them
  12. So why do you hate techs? It's because we're better than you isn't it? Get a grip mate
  13. no, i dont think im better or anyone else is better but that is the sort of comment i thought a tech would come out with who thinks he is better cos he is a tech. proves my point.
  14. i didnt ask the orig question to argue with people but ive noticed bull you seem to come up with a smart answer all the time maybe its me or is it a little bit of childness slipping in then again you probally are only 18 yrs old

    would love to speak more but im off to speak with grownups like myself. ( then again i sound childish but hey i love it bye )