Smocks - Denison Airborne Troops

Anyone know if this smock is WW2 or post war ? There's no date.

Colours are darker than first 2 pics. This looks not to have been worn nor washed.
The half zipper is made by DOT.

Interestingly, it doesn't say anything about parachutes or parachutists so I'm guessing it is WW2 as post war it was only issued to parachute troops (Para Regt and others using parachutes right?). In WW2 there were all sorts using gliders too.
At least no-one had to jump with a mule, although my Chindit father-in-law did land with mules at Blackpool (not the seaside resort).

Those who know me will be astonished to hear that I was once issued with one of these fine airborne smocks, prior to failing one test in TA P Coy - only one, so they would have had me back... (15 Para)

But I opted to be a hat, a big one, with a toorie.
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Hmmm. This is really going to blow my youthful image on this website!

1970. I was aged about 4.

PS The pattern of my issued airborne smock was similar but not identical to that pictured.

this one?
Well in that case half way through the jan 44 run they stopped making the over the head model portrayed there and started making ones with full zips. Officers of course did their own thing and often they were tailored privately to include a full zip and often softer collars as well.
That one Monty is wearing is a "Windak" smock and very different to the usual issue Denisons. There's one in the Pegasus Bridge museum belonged to an officer in an Irish regiment IIRC.

Some officers did get a zipper from one of the green, sleeveless oversmocks put in to replace the half zip in their Denisons.


Right on. Thanks for the info !

I looked in a book on Denisons but there were none with no centre seam in it though i have seen a few b & w photos like that. Stamp says it all.

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