Smock wanted !

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sillyboy, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Morning all,
    Has anyone got a buckshee para smock thats gathering dust ? The facilities bloke here at work (60 years young) and ex heavy drop asked if id try and source him one, the one he wears when he is pottering around the grounds doing his maintenance is hanging off him, Im twice his size so mine is no use, he is a lovely fella, usual tales of derring do but an amiable old chap (some rotten tw*t robbed his gongs when he cold called him to "read his meter" last year) so I have done his paperwork for his reissue to the medal bods, just a thought if anyone has a spare, ill bang a set of wings on it, give it wash and make an old boy happy, have priced one up for him of Ebay but thought I might have a shot at saving him a couple of quid ??
    Cheers and hope you all had a belter,
  2. What size is he after?
  3. I have one send address and I will throw it in the post, won't be until after leave though.
  4. Top boys ! He is about 5"10 and slim, cant for the life of me remember issue sizes !! PM inbound to both, will cover all postage and packaging ect
  5. A 180/100 should fit him.
  6. Brilliant,
    Think Spaz is on it boys so thanks for the replies, oh and by the way got another old bloke here, ex "them" would love to get him some brand new Lowas, a windproof, decent set of trops, big feck off Barbour jacket, a GPS, short wheel based Landrover and a Labrador ? Any help would be appreciated ta :D :D
    Thanks again lads for the above, out of interest anyone got a pic of the Heavydrop DZ flash ?
  7. What colour labrador?
  8. Jet black, just dose him up with some sleepers, pack him in a crate and send him to

    Johnny "boltaction" Chevron MM DCM (ERV)
    Slaughterhouse Farm
    Bleak Hill

    (But Shhhh !!, thats between me and thee !!)
  9. When you say Heavy Drop, do you mean RASC/RCT?
  10. Not sure mate, in my youthfull ignorance I wasnt that clued up on "heavy drop" to begin with, after a bit of a dig around seemed like a set of characters !
    He is not in today but ill ask him when he tips up, he went down South in '82, and a couple of naughty places prior, got an inkling it's RCT but dont get much chance to have a wet with him, nice chap though CERTAINLY not a sniff of waltism about him, unlike a couple of other unsavourys here but ill leave that for later and for the other special thread we all know and love !! Spaz has secured a smock, Ill badge it up for him but would be good to put the proper flash on. :D
  11. Just dug it out, cuffs are a little tatty and the crotch flap has been removed but otherwise serviceable. The label is missing so I can't tell you the size however I'm 5'11" and it fits me. Will send it on fri.
  12. Your a star mate, ill bang the aforementioned pennies in the HFH pot as well.
  13. Thanks again lads for the above, out of interest anyone got a pic of the Heavydrop DZ flash ?

    hi mate, the heavydrop flash was the golden dak on the blue background. see my avatar)
    now still worn by all air despatchers. buck felize you were right mate was rasc/rct. now rlc..obviously.

    reni, if your mate was down south in 82 then afew of his muckers are still serving, one of them is our n.r.p.s.

    il have a dig around for a spare badge let you know in abit if i still have one, failing that might have to waut abit till we're back to work.
  14. No worries mate,
    Well impressed with the response lads nice to see the odd bit of "pulling together" when need be ! Now must go, think Im due a b*llocking off Gado on the "Confess your sins" page !! Prepare to smirk !!
  15. Will get an exact unit/trp ect when he comes back in mate, never know he might end up having a wet with an old pal or two ! And from what I have heard you feckers could sup !