Smock (unknown!) sas?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wildcard.rgbw, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, I sell British forces kit and I'm puzzled by the origins of this smock, it has features of BOTH the "SAS" windproof smock (which doesn't even seem to be "SAS") and the "Para" smock.

    First off, lets describe it, the buttons are the green style 94 patt, have pieces of black cellotape over them for the shine bit.

    They have the same 4 front pockets of the normal C95 smock but NO map zip up pockets.

    They have the sleeve pockets of the para smock including the pen pocket and the field dressing pouch on the sleep.

    Has a "C95" rank slide but REMEMBER the button is shiny green one not C95 button.

    It has a hood but its not wired like the newer "SAS" ones but it has a drawcord, it seems real practical actually this one!

    Seems to have one "inside" pocket for discreet bits of kit.

    Has an official tag which reads as follows

    SMOCK, COMBAT (windproof, Artic)


    Anyone come across this jacket seems an ancient piece of kit, is this one THE fabled and original SAS jackets like I'm thinking?

    Grabbed today whilst buying stock.

    Had one before and another squaddie bought it seems real comfy it's 100 cotton but not ripstock.

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  2. WAH!
    it's obviously an artic smock.
  3. Yes I know its an artic smock but being one of the "newer" generation of TA don't come across this kind of kit lol.

    So no smock is exclusive SAS issue than, is than another urban legend?

    Everyone seems to think this "artic" smock and the newer "windproof" smocks are "SAS" exclusive when I was issued one just on telic and I'm TA!
  4. THEY hardly wear service kit at all, ever. But tell someone a smock / hat / helmet / resi / pencil is "SAS" and it becomes twice as shiny to walting matildas everywhere. That's why stuff gets called "SAS".

    That's just an arctic smock, just like it says on the tin.
  5. Artic smock with the wire from the hood removed gets my vote 8)
  6. I used to have one back in the late 80's. Mine was well second hand by then. Don't think it had wire in the hood. Can't remember whether it had a rank tab on the front although such things were starting to appear by then.
  7. Don't you see many windproofs on a Tuesday night then? The maskers over the button is to stop the thread unravelling not to disrupt the surface and shine of the button. If your're pinged by one of your buttons then your're fcuked anyway. Ohh better cover that wagon in maskers to make it invisible...
  8. I read somewhere that the reason the black nasty was put over the buttons was because the argies in the Falklands could see the marines/paras through IR scopes due to the thread not being IRR.

    Might be a load of bollox though.
  9. Nevermind pinging the lads yomping or the BVs behind them in a Cdo snake, it was the pointman's buttons that gave the game away.
  10. Like I said, might be a load of bollox. But if you're sneaking around rocky outcrops in the middle of the night 30-50 meters from your enemy and you get pinged because your button threads glow like a glowy thing, then it might be believable.
  11. What it says on the tin with wire removed, still got mine and is a good bit of kit. Old and bold ex AMF(L) types should recognise it and of course our RM brethren.
  12. What about their hot faces? The clouds of hot breath? If the enemy were close enough to see a 1inch button through pretty basic night vision kit, then they'd see those too.

    It was to stop the button falling off if the thread broke, I thought.
  13. There always used to be two versions kicking about.

    The one you've got there and another that had a rank slide on the rear and wire in the hood.

    Wasn't one standard RM issue and the other the Arctic or SAS smock?
  14. Isn't the true "SAS" Smock made with ventile and missing things like the rank slide and wired hood?

    The Arctic Smock was made with Gaberdine, and had rank slides front and back (fcuk knows why) and a wired hood. The Arctic and RM smock is the same beast.... i think.
  15. Will you please stop asking our advice for your dodgy stolen kit sales? Either you know enough about it, or you are some TA dullard trying to make money from your mates. Either you are selling on kit that you have sourced through legit sources, or you are fencing stuff from dodgy sources. I'd suggest you would know what kit was if it was legit.

    It is a windproof smock - it came after the ones with the rank slide on the back. Tape was put on the buttons to prevent loss through thread wear (FOD issue for us lot) and fcuk all to do with anything infra red, ultra violet or sky blue pink. I still wear mine. If you want to offer me a silly sum for it, go ahead.
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