Smock or Jacket wanted in olive green

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Stonker, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. My old outdoors coat, purchased for £20 in Wales 1990-something (the week Germany beat England in the World Cup) has finally started to disintegrate.

    Buggered if I can find anything like it - olive green cotton/polyester fibre mix - 'cos everything these days seems to be made of plastic.

    So - I started looking at combat jackets and similar (a Cbt 95 pattern jacket but without the DPM would be excellent)

    SASS do a hooded OG smock in pure cotton that would fit the bill, but they don't have any in stock.

    An old-style US M65 jacket would do it - but although I have seen plenty being worn out and about, I have yet to find a shop selling good-quality replicas. Anyone comment on the quality of the "Regiment" branded version on E-Bay, or recommend another brand/source? (the Austrian Army version is too heavy, the Greek Army one is badly made)

    I have also seen pics online of a Dutch cbt jacket in OG, but don't know how good they are - anyone advise?

    Otherwise - any suggestions for other alternatives and suppliers?

    Cheers in advance.

    Edited to add: I really want a price tag under £100 - it's not like I'm going to hike across Greenland in it . . .
  2. If you don't mind looking like a smelly student/hippy one of those German Army Parka's they're fleece lined after all and usually less than £50.
  3. Fleece lined is not good. I want a kind of 'shell' jacket I can wear in all 4 seasons, with layers under and mebbe a waterproof on top (in extremis)
  4. RP578

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  5. COSTCO some times have in M65 jackets made by Alpha Industries in olive and/or black.

    Last time they were around the £70(ish) mark.

    Also try Mean and Green (or is it Green and Mean based in the midlands) they some time have in plain coloured M65 style jackets.
  6. Confirmed; MEAN AND GREEN.

    M65 STYLE;

    Prices from around £25 up to around £100.

    Alpha Industries one for £49-95.
  7. How close do these come to the quality of the original US Army item? Some of the 'imitations' I have seen are shockingly poor: cheap fabric, cheap zips - make you look like a down-on-his luck pikey, and next to no fecking use for a day out in the boonies, even in high summer. Yet I do know there are good quality ones, but I haven't yet been able to identify the brands to look for.
  8. An old smock dyed black?

    Or perhaps bleached and then dyed green.
  9. The Alpha Industries M65 jackets that COSTCO had in seemed to be good quality and complete with the zip in wool/blanket liner.

    I am unable to comment on the kit Mean & Green have but they do have a Q & A section on their website or give them a ring/visit etc.

    Another source for inexpensive M65 type jackets is TK MAXX, they sometimes have Alpha Industies jackets in but you have to go through loads of rubbish to locate them on the racks to find one that fits etc.

    TK MAXX also sometimes have in Belstaff and Barbour wax cotton jackets but again it is looking through all the rubbish to find them.
  10. try looking at they have US surplus kits and the cheapest poncho liners outside of a MCS store
  11. I'll certainly keep an eye on Costco - Alpha Industries kit seems to be the real deal (which is wot I was looking for)and I'm a COSTCO shopper fm time to time

    Still interested in other options, tho'
  12. If it's quality you're after, then I can highly recommend the Alpha Industries M65 Jackets. We retail them at £94.95 (not £49.95 as a previous post said - that's a cheaper non-Alpha one). IMO the Alpha jackets are very well made and worth every penny.

    We're based in Wolverhampton if you want to visit and try one on. We currently have all sizes except Medium in stock in plain OG.

    Any questions, just ask.

    Jon (from Mean and Green).