Smock of choice

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wildcard.rgbw, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Soldier 95

  2. Windproof

  3. Arctic Windproof

  4. SAS

  5. Para

  6. Sniper

  7. Webtex or 3rd party smock


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  1. Out of all the smocks... which is the most ally!!!
  2. PrinceAlbert

    PrinceAlbert Guest

    I quite like a Chiffon smock on those hot summer nights.....

  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP RIP

    With or without tights?..
  4. slick

    slick LE

    Thigh length black hold ups surely ?
  5. EX_STAB


    I had an OG one made by SASSKIT for shooting and general field use. It's in ventile and was made with a button front and cuffs rather than the velcro. It's the DBs.
  6. Benson & Hedges, Lamberts if I cant get B&H.
  7. I would but I cant read your reply :D
  8. Miner

    Miner LE

    Io, be craeful wit what yuo say. I'm dicklicksuck. :D
  9. How about this one?

    It's mock tudor.


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  10. codename1157

    codename1157 War Hero

    Smock and a pancake anyone?
  11. GhillieTheKid

    GhillieTheKid Clanker

    Taxi? Trying to make a quick getaway?

    I'll help with covering fire, and i'll lob a smock if you want.

    Just hope the wind doesn't change exactly 180 degrees like it always seems to do...
  12. Crackin thread!

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    GLESGA-NED Guest

    This nice little number caught my eye.
    anti suicide smock. I fcuking want one now on PECOC.


    Even nicer.
  14. Do you also include Frock Coats?