Smock Hood Folding ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. Can you explain the correct way to fold the hood on an issue smock please ? Do you roll it inwards or outwards ?
  2. Just leave it loose.

    There is no correct way, but I'd imagine you want the inside on the inside and the outside on the outside to prevent carp geting in.
  3. Hehe I remember specops in NI although they were in slipper city ( Lisburn) they still had lundhag Mountain boots on their feet. This when we were issued at least two different sets of quite useful boots.
  4. you remove it from its foil packet, place it over the end of your head, and then roll it down the full length of your erect head........
  5. We have a winner :judge:

  6. i got collard by a RM RSM, he told me that if i didnt roll my hood inwards and do up my draw string snow would get in my smock and my mags would fall out "******* Pongos". which confused me somewhat as i was in plymouth on camp on a pleasent winter day.
  7. I remember the days when the only hood we were issued with buttoned onto the back of our combat jackets :) and if we dared actually use the hoods we would get booted around the camp for being a "poofta"
  8. just sort of concertina it back - like you would your foreskin :-D
  9. Or cromached across the back of the head because the Americans had lost men in Vietnam. The story going around in 1975ish was that said hoods make them less able to hear the VC crawling about. Never found out if it was true or not.
  10. Luckily this guy had his hood folded the right way round. I'd hate to have that ****** snagged on my smock.


    Although I did have a not-so-pleasant experience with a Tench caught in my map pocket once
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  11. That's a negative. However my answer wasn't really supposed to be serious... I was rolling my eyes as I wrote it. Leaving it loose advise was supposed to bring howls of outrage from those who care about such frivolity.
  12. It’s issued for a purpose FFS :roll:

    It’s meant to be worn up covering the whole face, you and your mates should then gather outside the pads NAAFI looking all sinister whilst drinking cans of carling and threatening lads from the other units for their spare PAYD cash

    Get a f*cking grip, standards just ain’t what they used to be :-x
  13. My Bold - Hahaha!! Showing your age. I believe the Chav class have moved on a bit from 4.1% ABV piss-water Carling.
  14. I had my hood folded correctly and CAARPS never got down my neck...
  15. Carling is far to sophisticated for our modern tracksuit clad youth. Surely it's the strongest, cheapest, White Cider they can possibly get with their mugging acquired pennies??