Smock for Telic

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. what smock do you get issued for telic from RTMC, am going Inf ?
  2. Ok what do Inf get issued for sandpit 95 or windproof?
  3. I got issued a 95 combat jacket and hood for Telic 4. Never wore it. If you're doing a summer tour I very much doubt you will either. Winter's a different matter.

    edited to ask who is your avatar, she's a fox!
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I got issued the desert DPM smock hood for TELIC 2 - but no smock, as they'd run out

    Very useful, as you can imagine :?
  5. I too got a CS95 (desert) combat jacket and hood for Telic 4, it was probably the hottest tour that Ive been on in my Life.

    If youre going over winter then youll get a super duper reversible softy jacket as well, sandy on one side and green on the other!! mmmmm nice.
  6. Check the LAND Mounting Instructions. I went on TELIC 5 (winter tour) and my whole (inf) Bn were issued with Windproof Smocks desert. Good bit of kit and so much better than the combat jacket with hood.
  7. I got a bog standard CS95 Des patt smock with hood, but millions of PTE etc got the Gucci smocks a'la windproof etc, its all in teh sizes apparently.....?........

    TELIC 6 by the way..............
  8. def worth getting a windproof for winter. if you are going summer then get a couple of desert shirts and take the breast pockets off one and sew tham onto the other to make a thin jacket! excellent mod!
  9. The RAF are currently issuing the Smock, Windproof, Desert to most folk going to Club 18 - 30 Iraq, but as someone has already mentioned, its all in the sizing baby. If you are a fat heifer or a short shouty bloke you are more likely to get the desert CS95 with hood.
  10. t2 t3, never needed my smock...

    (ps. dont think about buying the dessie sas smocks ...complete rip-offs and 20bde commanders stopped people wearing them anyway)
  11. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    The CS 95 Desert DPM is no longer procured; the only 95 jackets that should be being issued are the last of the stocks being wasted out.

    Incidentally there are discussions to do the same thing for the normal CS 95 Jacket i.e. replace with a Cs 95 wind proof.

    I would be interested in your thoughts especially the regimental types.
  12. On telic 1 we had a desert temperate jacket on the re-furb , totally useless except for swapping with the yanks for a gerber tool .
    Bought my own desert windproof for telic 5 , it did the job and had room underneath for a softie , going on telic 8 so my windproof will be staying at home in an MFO box , good idea about taking the pockets off a shirt to put on another i am going to do that . In short i think its a case of what unit you are with and how good your QM is to what smock/jacket you get . It p@@@@s you off when you see RAF issued windproof smocks for there airport jobs when i shelled out 120 euros for one .
  13. Inf get the Desert Windproof smock at RTMC
  14. Don't hate the people, hate the system. The RAF pay out of the RAF budget for their desert kit (hence the reason many are now issued assault vests as they are cheaper than traditional belt kit). The Army initially turned its noses up at the windproof smocks because of 'uniformity'. Of course uniformity takes precedence over usability every time, especially if an officious prick like the specific general who was in charge when I was out in the Gulf (for my third holiday) last year is involved. He banned the wearing of sqn/unit badged t-shirts and insisted all folk wear head dress even when in vehicles because when he worked with the yanks once upon a time they were so much smarter apparently. But I digress......

    Oh BTW, not every member of the RAF deploying to the Gulf spends their time checking folk in at Basrah, there are quite a crabs spending their HM funded holidays in the same shiteholes 'up country' as the Army find themselves enjoying.
  15. i was on telic 6 (summer) if you are going on a summer tour you do not need a smock as all the 6 months i was there it was in excess of 40 degrees daily. i got issued a windproof smock but is still in wrapper, as never needed it