smock,combat windproof Woodland DP in ripstop material?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yorkie1970, May 29, 2010.

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  1. Just got one of these in with a job lot of militaria,but don't recall ever seeing one in ripstop.

    Are they still issued or have they been phased out?

    Stock number is, 8415-99-573-5266.
    All help appreciated.

  2. I'll have a look in the morning, and let you know.

    (I'm only making this post so that I don't lose sight of the thread between now and 0830.)
  3. they've been phased out and replaced by the hooded smock, however some TA QMs still have an existing hoard and continue to issue them.
  4. Were they issued without a hood,as the example I have has a wired one sewn in?

  5. It's from about 2003. They were quickly superceded by the non ripstop variety we have today.

  7. Many thanks for all your replies,much appreciated!