Smock, Combat, Windproof or Jacket, Field?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Smock, Combat, Windproof.

  2. Jacket, Field.

  3. Some gucci hand made item.

  1. I get the impression that the Smock has superseded the Jacket although the Jacket seems a pretty good heavyweight garment for cold days and has ripstop fabric.

    The smock is perhaps a bit comfier and softer.

    Observations? Preferences?
  2. i like my smock ,its called an "SAS smock" to reel in the walt airsofters i think.

    it keeps you warm on a cold day, dry from the rain ect, its got a good hood, theres funny cuffs on it to stop drips running up your arm and heat escaping ect.

    an "SAS Smock" is the way to go!
  3. I much prefer my Para Smock. You know the one, it says on the label Smock Parachutist, not smock any cnut
  4. My field jacket and smock are nearly exactly the same apart from the hood. I wear it because I have to, that's all.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Good one mate!
  6. The new issue smaock is all there is now, the field jacket is no longer issued AFAIK, so smock it is, it is a good bit of kit as well.
  7. I got one of each! :D
  8. Flash Bar steward
  9. I much prefer the old 94 pattern jacket, it was actually made of a material that didn't fall apart (presumably before the days of farming out all of DCTA's manufacturing to some sh*tty Chinese sweatshop) and it didn't have a useless hood that bounced off the back of the lid in the prone and made it impossible to get a decent sight picture.
  10. Denison smock
  11. Jacket all the way. Nothing more bizarre than seeing everyone sweating their knackers off on a boiling summer day, wearing a windproof hooded smock whose forbears were made for going to war in winter Norway in!

    It was a pity they stopped making the jacket in nice-and-light ripstop, to be honest. Although when you have ECBA on its all the same I guess.
  12. Yeah Para smock is the way forward.
    It keeps me really nice and warm and dry when I'm stood outside the NAAFI drinking my Mocha-choca latte waiting for my lift to work and looks really ally hanging on the back of office chair.
  13. Ahh Parasmocks. The hat to a smock is like a moth to a flame! Why do they do it?
  14. I've had that problem.
  15. and YAWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!