Smock, Combat, Man, 1968 pattern? Identification need

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Sgt_Alex, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Hello Gents,

    can you help me to identify right smock (with unusial collar) on the top photo:
    The same smocks:

    thanks to all for your informations


    Ex-Sgt Alex
  2. Not sure of its actual designation, but thats one of the first-ever DPM smocks - its a DPM version of the green OG type that preceded it. One is listed on eBay at the moment I think, and the vendor has listed the correct data about it - might be worth a search.
  3. I had one of those! When I first joined the CCF in 1972! My sister's boyfriend's dad half-inched it from RAOC Thatcham...thanks Ted.
  4. Me too! - still might have it somewhere and threadbare. IMHO far better than many that came after it.
  5. The smock on the right with the crinkly collar is the first DPM camouflage smock. It is the same as the 1961 pattern Olive Green but was done in DPM. The second jacket on the left with the non-existent collar is the DPM camouflage suit that was adopted and rolled out until it was gradually replaced in the 1980's with an inferior product.

    Other differences are - the 68 (61) jacket is partially lined and the trousers had one map pocket as they were modelled on Battledress. They also had reinforced knees and round the backside. The 1969/70 pattern is fully lined, the trousers have a pocket on either leg and the reason the collar is short is because there was a hood which connected to the two epaulette buttons and a third at the rear of the collar. I was issued both types in 73 :wink:
  6. I first saw the type on the right at the S of I in about 1969/70 when as young gunners we had to ferry people about from one of the courses. Talk about niave, we thought the regiment that was wearing them were foreign!
  7. Thanks, Gents!

    This smock owner ID & name was 2881 Francis.

    Is he on the forum now? :)

    Ex-Sgt Alex
  8. theres one of those in olive green hung in my downstairs loo, my dad got it when he was, well i don't know, but i can't really read the label, can make out NATO on it but thats about it. its also been slashed dwon the back by some store man probably and been soan back up!
  9. That was probably done when they took the green stuff off him and issued the camouflaged kit. A storeman would put a knife down the centre of the jacket/shirt etc to stop it being re-issued or ending up on the market. By being slashed it was officially classed as 'rags' :wink:
  10. The One on the right is based on the Olive Green Combat 60 Pattern Jackets, The 60 Pattern Trousers are Exactly the same as the Combat 68s just in green.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Best kit ever issued, one of our lads was rather tall and the crappy pattern 85 or whatever they were called didnt fit him. In 1985 he was issued a 68 pattern jacket on exchange as thats all they had to fit him. Uber ally!
  12. Hi Intli is correct, and they were good bits of kit and comfy to wear, but a bugger when wet
  13. I had the green version of the one with the stiched collar as a kid. It was my wear all the time jacket, including going to school. In wet weather I had a hood to button on as well. I might have a pic somewhere I could scan. By golly I was cheap to keep as a kid!
  14. Must've been a tall thing, I had one when everyone else had the shite pattern 85. worn it till it fell to pieces. :-(
  15. I still have one from silvermans in 1984, never wear it but I love it to bits. I feel like a tw@t wearing military kit when I'm no longer in the military I just can't bring myself to throw it away.