SMLE question

My Smelly has a slight problem......

The barrel is over tightened and needs a 'shim' of some sort placing in it in order that it aligns.

Its not unusable but the foresight stands at five past twelve

Any suggestions chaps....... 4(T) heeeellpppp ! :D

Deleted 20555

SMLE boasting in front of those without is in very poor taste.
Was it like that when you got it or were you a bit over-enthusiastic with the spanners?


So the foresight is at 12:05 when viewed from the front? (or 11:55 when viewed from the rear...)

Trouble is, its very difficult to shim such a small error - the shim has to be very thin to correct 5-10o, and they usually tear or crush when being torqued up.

(in service, the armourer would try several barrels until he found one that went hand-tight about 20o from vertical, which gave about the correct torque to final index).

Whereabouts are you? I'd normally take a rifle like that to Terry Abrams in Essex, who has the correct barrel chocks and action vise to adjust the barrel. If your barrel is fairly decent, it would probably be worth p-exing it for a new barrel that fits correctly. There are plenty of new SMLE barrels about at the moment, so its not so expensive.
12.05 from behind the sights....

I'm in Blackpool but will be making a grand entry at the Imperial and relieving everyone of their silverware...

Before I forget, the No 4 I mentioned with the single groove... ignore me, I am a tool, it was a twin groove, but nearly shot out
I ought to come down and win something classic at the imperial. Any suggestions for a service rifle match for my No.4?

Incidentally does anyone know if a TRG 22 with S&B 5-25x56 scope is elegible for the McQueen?
Can it be shot on a weekend?

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