Smk xs78 co2 tuned

I have a SMK XS78 CO2 .22in straight out of the box which I am having a lot of fun with.

Am now looking to improve it and wondered if anyone has had an experience with either the T R Robb upgrade kits (not cheap) or buying a tuned version direct from Welsh Willy?
The SMKs are cheap enough and there's a wealth of modifications done to them.
The .177 have problems with the pellets falling backwards as you load them so the .22 is a better bet for mods.
The Walther barrels are rather nice and cost around £100 although you won't get many shots with the .25 as the reservoir on the 78/79 conversions is not as large as some other PCP rifles.
If you fit the multi shot magazine, remember that you'll need stand off scope mounts.
The gun's light enough and makes a great ratter although the trigger is pretty horrible until you do a lot of work on it.

I've got an FAC one done by Mallard Barn Shop, gun and country clothing shop, new and used rifles and guns, working dog food, Suffolk, UK It cost about £200 approx.

If you fancy a go yourself then Ronnie Sunshine has some bits
Get a couple of sets of seals (usually some on eBay but not today) some needle files and a bit of wet and dry and have a play. Several how to guides on the web.

Mine was very rough inside, lots of swarf with cuts and nicks in most of the O rings. Trigger sear was not true either. Holds pressure now and more oomph. Trigger lighter and now I've shimmed it it does not wobble side to side. Still slightly slower than my BSA, so well within 12ftlb. Guess ten-ish and a bit?

There's a lot of excess wood on the stock as well if you're feeling chippy.

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