Smithy V the AMS and the World.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Smithy, Please post all your angry moments in here and stop clogging up the other threads.

    Thank you
  2. What, so we have to listen to his dross :roll:
  3. we can just ignore him if he posts in here!
  4. Quite true foxy old chum :p
  5. There's a number of issues here, firsty if you dont want to listen to the dross put a block on it if your temptation to open it is so great that you are a very weak willed individual. The second issue is the AMS forum will revert to being the dullest on the site as it has over the last week or so. Does that not tell a story. Get your ODP masks and clogs on or barrack trousers and get your head back on the microscopes. Theres a world out here dont always believe the army line. Dont allow the personality thieves to steal whats left of you limited personalities.
  6. Isn't "Old Chum" a Lib Dem Phrase?????????? stick to jigsaws and art and keep out the public toilets!
  7. My personality has deteriated over the years to such a point, that I now materbate frantically at the sight of any pretty female I see, anywhere I see them. To that, I am now awaiting sentencing for thrapping a quick one off whilst watching the local schools girls under 13 hockey I may yet get promotion.........probably to Major
  8. praise the lord that youve been here to liven things up for us, many moons ago you said that the post that you were writing would be your last, but it hasnt, why not? :roll:
  9. Is it me, or has Arrse attracted a huge amount of Trolls of late?
  10. Are we refering to the Norwegian ugly things?
  11. I was looking at the AMS ladies hockey team to other day (that’s another story) - note that I did say "Ladies" as they could have come straight from the cast of Little Britain. I guess you don't have to be gay to play - but it helps, especially in the third half!!

    I note Smithy doesn’t have an Avatar - perhaps we could suggest one for him? Make him feel welcome and all that PC nonsense.
  12. Trolls = Female QA's?
  13. A_L, may I suggest that it is not you, bless your heart! :wink: There are a disproportionate amount of Trolls that have joined this forum. It doesn't need livening up (although I suggest that some of these people are one and the same).

    It is supposed to be a forum where people can ask professional advice (not googled info spouting from the keyboard of people who then pretend to be experts). If you have anything useful from your professional experience, then feel free to add it. If you are talking cr4p, then don't, because this forum is not designed to confuse.

    There are quite a few potential recruits that use this forum specifically to answer their worries. Please can we treat them seriously?

    Wanna have fun? Then pop over to the Naafi, or put it in your own thread. Please. :?
  14. Nah mate that would be "Bum Chum"

  15. materbate ? Is that pronounced Mate-A-Bate ? In which case that must surely be some foul act involving that poor bloke you share an office with and your trousers at half mast.

    9 Bob note ?