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Back in 1978 I was at the Army Apprentice College Arborfield. I had just come down from Junior Coy and was looking forward to christmas leave. So, the day came and off I went to Scotland. After about a week I realised that I had absolutely no idea when I had to be back. It gnawed at me for a few more days and I decided to get a train back to camp. Why I didn't just call the guardroom I'll never know but anyway I got back just before the snow came. Anyone old enough will know that the 78/79 winter was a really bad one with loads of snow. Anyway, everyone comes back from leave and we have the first parade of the new term. The CSM suddenly shouts out my name and tells me to march out to the front of the squad. He then proceeded to tell everyone how I was a shining example of professionalism and someone to whom they should all aspire! I didn't know it at the time but he had read the guard report for the day of my early return and thought I had come back early due to the bad weather. What a professional, what an idiot more like. I tried to tell him that I'd knobbed up but he just thought I was being modest :) I got promoted to AT L/Cpl shortly after that too. Bonus!

Have you ever f##cked up and had it miraculously work in your favour?
61A, Jan 1961- April 1964. "B" Mech = Nutstrangler :D


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Nutstrangler said:
61A, Jan 1961- April 1964. "B" Mech = Nutstrangler :D

3 years to pass out of Juniors :worship: Boy, you must be thick. :donut:
Not particularly,...that's how long it took in those days. :D

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