Smilies in the Wiki

Can't seem to get these to work.

Am I being a wiki Mong?


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I'm open to correction from the MODs but I don't think you can ST2B. The Wiki is an entirely different piece of programming from the main site and certainly, when I've tried it all it shows is the basic colons, semi-colons etc that you've typed.

Don't see any smilies on any of the other entries either.
stabby: try in HERE. It's the help page from the MediaWiki Handbook. I believe 60' is absolutely correct but you might find some other useful stuff in there for your ARRSEPedia experiments. And if nothing else it will keep you out of our hair for a while. ;) (Oh look, a smiley :D)
Thanks Guys.

Abacus: you won't be rid of me that easily :wink:
Who said we wanted rid of you? You must remember that no-one is completely useless: they can always serve as a bad example. So, for that at least, thank you.
Have you tried posting the smilie in the Wiki just as you would a picture?
It will probably lose any animation if it has it.

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