Smilies - A wonderful addition to written English?

Smilies - if you use them:

  • you should be shot

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  • you should be buggered

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  • you should be ashamed of yourself

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  • Who gives a f*** ?

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  • you add life to your post

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  • you are shakespeare

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Let's see now. I have to admit that even I've used them on occasions.
Thank you for the additional range of smilies.


I have no idea why this one should represent "shaking", but it made me smile!

I too have to admit to using them, but I'm not proud of it.

I'd much rather use the English language but sometimes there just isn't the time to craft the right phrase. Innit?


They can aid the "hard of understanding" to appreciate the finer nuances of sarcasm and humour. It can save a teddy throwing session from some arrsers!

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