Smile, or you will be arrested.

Whilst walking around with...

They added that Worsfold had had "a number of knives" in his possession, but that these turned out to be made of rubber and for use only as display items
Because normal people walk about with them at a major sporting event.

Should have just s136'd him.

This would have been a better thread if it was "suicide by cop". What's your point mate given the bloke apparently said:

The statement said: "Surrey police has received a letter from the man in which he has said that he 'fully understands and appreciates the action taken by officers'. He has also said that he 'appreciated and thanked both the arresting officers for their apologies and explanations' following his release."
You got a point? or just randomly strangling your bandwidth?

Xhamster is quite good if you are bored.

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