Smile for the camera - US Navy Doc shows extremely bad judgement and lack of respect.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. I'm shocked, what on Earth was he thinking about? I can't see how anyone could think that this was a good idea....

    And what about the poor bloke's next of kin? I can't imagine that they're going to be too happy.

    Rest of article here:

    Navy doctor let kids hold dead Marine’s brain - Marine Corps News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Marine Corps Times
  2. I'm sure they would have preferred a puppy.
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  3. Very bad form why let your kids do that sad very sad.
  4. There's some ***** about, ain't there?
  5. It's hard to jump to conclusions as there are no real explanations given. I imagine the fact that they haven't fired him means there's more to the story than is published there.
  6. fu2

    fu2 LE

    Thats what happens when you take your work home with you.
  7. Before I get jumped on by JJH, do US marine sgts have brains?
  8. fu2

    fu2 LE

  9. Cheers, that clears that one up then.
  10. Or even a pony.
  11. This is a strange incident. Aside from the disrespect issue, I worked round morgues in the 6C a long time ago and our pathologists got up to all sorts of questionable things with dead body parts, you get a bit callous and humorous, but I can't recall many incidents of bringing the work home and showing the kids.

    What could be the motivation? Are the parents mental or drunks? Did the little ones come across the brain accidentally and papa bear sought to explain and reassure perhaps in a moment of tearful patriotism? Is this some bizarre form of educational over parenting? Are his brood budding organ aficionados and prospective brain surgeons? I'm reminded of:

    If this was the UK I suspect social workers would be dragging the bairns off to be abused by Kentish folk in a squalid care home.
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  12. My dad was a RAMC Lab Tech at Colchester Military Hospital. While he never actually brought body parts home, well, as far as I know, he didn't, but occasionally I visited the Path-lab. I got to see all sorts of groovy stuff, like brains and removed tumours and other bits that were suspected of contributing to their former owner's demise. With my dad RAMC and my mum ex-QA, subjects about all the squishy stuff that goes on in the human body were never taboo subjects. I turned out just fine.
  13. Given that he wasn't fired, that's about the only explanation that makes sense. Probably tied in with whatever they were studying at school. Not that it makes it any less creepy.
  14. it would be far more disturbing if he'd let the kids play with a live persons brain.