Smelly co-worker

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. I work in an office at night and usually nobody else is there when I am.
    Recently however a trainee health and safety officer has been working till late and coming in at weekends.

    Trouble is she smells like a cross between moth balls and an unwashed weasel.
    I asked her line manager to talk to her about the stench to no avail.

    Got in this evening and she was there again so I asked how late she intended stopping.
    She said she would be in until early hours. So you will not need to be in at the weekend then? says I.

    The boss said I can stay as long as I like says she.
    Straw that broke the camels back

    I went on to explain that i would prefer if she worked away from the security office as I felt uncomfortable with her in there.She went into a rant as to what my problem was.

    So I told her that she smelt awfully and was making me gag.
    Nobody else thinks this howls she.

    She then rang manager to complain about me.
    I guess he told her the truth as she dissolved into tears and left.

    So am i an unspeakable cunt for telling her ?
    Or should the bosses have manned up long ago ?

    I had tried leaving deodorant tins on desk etc before but didnt work
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  2. well done....... no, I think you're very tolerant
  3. I think 'unwashed weasel' is a great name for a fragrance and you should copywrite the name...... IMHO
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  4. Would you still achieve a usable erection if she was fingering herself in your presence?
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  5. Did you send it on e-mail to cover your arrse?
  6. i did on Sunday thankfully
  7. Buy the said individual a tin of deodrant you tight cunt.
  8. She is young and attractive but One imagines her stench trench would kick up like a fishmongers slab on a hot Friday afternoon.
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  9. is she nigerian? they are always humming
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  10. Nah, you'll be sacked by Monday ^_~
  11. Yes Arike Is Nigerian as it happens. Is this for real ?
  12. Several tubs of Neutradol for the office would be a better way of spending your money.
  13. Like the fish market in Belize City ~ shudder
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  14. Damn. You've taken the wind right out of my sails.

    I was going to ask if she was ginger.
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  15. im 100% real baby !!