Smells I will miss!

Discussion in 'REME' started by SuperWhiteArmy, May 17, 2006.

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  1. 1. Wet 58 Pattern Webbing
    2. Ironing a wet KF shirt
    3. Burnt out 430 series steering box
    4. Clothing stores
    5. Guardrooms (Floorpolish, brasso, beeswax)
    6. Barrier cream
    7. Kerobath
    8. Coshh lockers
    9. Smell of yourself after Med Man
    10. Green beaded hand cleaner
  2. the morning.
  3. The eye watering smell of an bedford 8t starting inside a workshop
  4. OX 18, Cordite and the carcogenic breath stealing whiff of Suncorite!!
    Oh, and the smell of RAOC baked bread on exercise, remember that?
  5. Egg banjoes in a damp 12 x12
  6. 1. Wet Wooly Pullys
    2. 8/14T diesel smoke NOT!!!!
    3. Hot OEP 220
    4. Any army clothing
    5. Bacon Grill cooking
    6. The stale water/oil/p1ss in Chieftain ARRV crew compartment hulls
    7. Challenger 2 when its using smoke dischargers
    8. Cordite
    9. Burnt out wiring on CVR(T) NOT!!
    10. Fresh **** on a young female Cfn's face :D
  7. Yeah nice one HJ, now let me guess, probably followed by the waft from the OCs ricker as you extract your beak from his ass................. in the afternoon.

    Seriously though, before you start letting loose with your incredulous wit just promise you'll spare me the comic genius quote about the 'B2 Jimmy Tarbuck Comedy Course' which you wore out in two previous posts:



    I await your wrath, with 242 posts, most of which you seem to have started, you've obviously got nothing better to do than come up with an amusing retort to put me in my place. I can see you dusting off the Jim Bowen DVDs as we speak :lol:
  8. Oh well, look what you could've won etc

    Seriously, I won't miss the OC's waft.
  9. Jealous perchance Meister?

  10. Our Wretched Mech Staffy's farts in my office just before I get into work....... Kinky I know
  11. Don't tell me your the other 1/3rd of HJ's comedy tag team - that must make you Tony Green. Hey, tell me that one about the BFH again, that's bound to crack us all up. :lol:
  12. Did someone not come off the board?

    Get bullied in a guardroom by a nasty Cpl?

    or was it that someone was overlooked for the coveted "Tiff of the year"?




    bored in that slipper city?
  13. Oooo that was a bit below the belt, but i like your!

    Who needs a main board when you come off the reserve and you're in a rank ranged post. :eek:

    Don't recall the nasty Cpl but Cracklenose used to give me sh*t! :oops:

    Was never in the running for the Tiff award; not got any family serving I'm afraid! :wink:
  15. The smell of OC600 on my butties on the back of my Cent ARV.