Smells funny

After years of flirting, a man and a woman in an old people’s home agree to make love … so one day when the residents go on a day trip, they both stay behind.

Impatient for his first action in decades, the old guy shuffles to the old dears room. He asks her if there is anything she prefers and she replies, “Cunnilingus always makes me horny.”

With a huge grin on his face he goes down on her, only to reappear seconds later saying, “I’m sorry but the smell is just too bad.”

“Hmmmmm,” she replies thinking for a moment, “it must be the arthritis.”

“Arthritis! You can’t get that in your fanny,” he exclaims confused, “and even if you could, it would not cause that awful smell.”

“No the arthritis is in my shoulder,” she wails, “I can’t wipe my arse!”
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