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Smelling like a Cunt!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. In order to shift my gut, I have started "Spinning" in the Gym, as you would expect its gets hot and I get very sweaty, last friday my
    sports kit smelt like a fanny, not the horrid fish type, but that musty pugent smell that even freshly scrubbed fannies smell like!!

    No Jarod I am not turning, so dont PM me for Anal favors, but my concern is, are my hormoanes changing, I still fancy birds, but smelling like a cunt is worring

    Any other arrser concerned that things are changing?
  2. you are a cunt....stop worrying!
  3. Stop taking the hormones love, it's not for you. PM Legs for further advice.
  4. Have you considered dhobying your kit once in a while you fucking grot.
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  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There was a PO on my last ship who always had the unmistakable air of fresh jizz after a good workout.

    Incidentally he was also a complete cunt.
  6. Spinning is for burds and hermers. How do you know what cunt smells like if you're a receiver of swollen goods?
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  7. By 'I've started spinning' you mean you've been smashed on remedial fatty PT and now you smell worse than you started with.
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  8. images-26.jpeg
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  9. Dhobied after use, Ironed & folded to the Globe & Laurel size!! not Grots here!! ( apart from some totty I may of had in the past)
  10. Semen is a unique smell, I've hastily stuffed my wilting erection away whilst dabbing furiously at my splattered t shirt just for her to poke her head round the door, twitch her nostrils and say 'enjoy that did you? and how does you wanking help us to conceive?' I hadn't the heart to tell her I was teasing out 4 a day..

    I've heard Zumba is fun, if you like watching porky council house dwellers gyrating and body popping in front of a dwarfish Latino male in Mr Motivator skiddies..
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  11. buy womens knickers for £5, preferably the sort that teenage girls would wear.

    wear during work out.

    log onto the internet pretending to be a 17yo nympho girl and sell them for £X00-£X000 to sad old perverts.

    become millionair.
  12. Did he fart during his workout?
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  13. Burgess' Anchovy Sauce is a condiment, not a deodorant.

  14. Well in that case are you sure that your missus isn't slyly skiffing you with fanny batter before you go to the gym?